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Genealogy Courses

From 1989 onwards the undersigned conducted classes in Genealogy/Family History as part of the Adult Education Programme of University College Dublin (UCD), the longest running courses of their kind in the country. Unfortunately college policy dictated that when I reached 65 in 2016 my service should be terminated, with the exception of a final already enrolled Genealogy/Family History Certificate class. The last Modules 5 and 6 of the Certificate course will be run in the academic year 2016-17, commencing in September 2016. Note to previous students: If you have attended lectures and submitted assignments for Modules 1-4, this will be your last chance to finish the course and achieve the Certificate. Contact details for UCD Adult Education are at

I leave UCD with a sense that I have failed to establish genealogy as a recognised academic subject. I should stress that I am by no means 'retired', but will seek educational opportunities elsewhere and will continue to emphasise scholarly standards and proper use and citation of sources. The main outlet for my published work is now,

Details of a new introductory course in genealogy to be given by me will appear here soon.

Sean Murphy MA
August 2016