Theft of Irish Crown Jewels

Centenary 1907-2007

Image Gallery


1 Police Jewels  poster, page 1

2 Police Jewels  poster, page 2

3 Plan of ground floor of Ulster's
Office, Dublin Castle

4 Old Ulster's Office
Library/Public Office

5 Ratner safe from which
Jewels were stolen

6 Sir Arthur Vicars

7 Letter of Sir Arthur Vicars

8 Frank Shackleton

9 Francis Bennett Goldney

10 Viceregal Commission report

11 Extract from will of
Sir Arthur Vicars

12 Memorandum 1927

Credits: 1, 2, 7, 11, 12 National Archives of Ireland (by permission of the Director); 9 Canterbury Library. Protracted correspondence with the Office of the Chief Herald and the National Library of Ireland has failed to establish the whereabouts and accessibility of the original Vicars portrait and and the case in which the Jewels were said to have been stored (the latter was on display with other exhibits in the State Heraldic Museum in Kildare Street, Dublin, until its closure in 2007).

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