Updated: 29/11/2006

Blood Trail: Thriller/Crime

"Monster? Ah, always easy to put a
nice little label on people like me isnít it?..... Monster? I have no
problem with that. Perhaps I am a monster. But I was created much
the same as Frankenstein. I wasnít born this way."

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Logline:  An FBI analyst notices a pattern in several solved murder cases, which lead him to believe that a single killer is to blame for the crimes and not the people already convicted; a killer not happy with simply killing, but intent on creating a second victim for each crime, the innocents convicted for the murders.

Synopsis: Rob (FBI analyst) meets resistance when opening the solved cases, the experts concerned refuse to accept that mistakes have been made. But he believes himself to be right as well as the system he is serving and works towards bringing the real killer to justice, by piecing together a puzzle that leads back to himself.

Notes: This is still a work in progress piece (Nov 2006). I have been forced to so some more research to get myself out of the second act. Need to know more facts and figures to keep in convincing.

I am working on Jigsaw (now Blood Trail): Thriller/Drama. Very much a work in progress. I wanted to write a Serial killer movie, but do something a little different (if that is possible these days).

This is now in Draft 1 stage (early draft 1) and is developing well. The characters, start and ending are clearly defined. But still a lot of work to be carried out to complete even the first draft.

I will update here as the story develops and hopefully  the first ten pages will appear.

Some fifty pages in (Feb 2006) and going strong. Perhaps more research needed to get the science and tech down for CSI/murder investigations. Will keep you posted.

I have changed the name to Blood Trail as it makes more sense with where the story leads. As you can guess, titles are very important (to me).

This is now at first draft stage and registered with the writers guild. Check out the first ten pages here. (or random scene). Still raw but..

Still a lot of work to do. But always is.....

Read the first ten pages: here.

Read reviewers comments coming soon

Read Random Scene: here.


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