The Illdependents is the recording project of Galway based producer Hazo. The first Illdependents 12" was released in April 1998 on Ultimate Dilemma. It charted on many UK club charts and received praise from in publications like DJ, Hip Hop Connection, The Event Guide, Mixmag, and Melody Maker. The Illdependents second 12" is out now (distributed by Pinnacle). Hear it here in real audio. Illdependents music was memorably featured in RTE's documentary about the World Poker championships. and an Illdependents remix is featured on the current ep release from Cane 141.

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Inner City Tears


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 Reviews :

Ireland's Illdependents have contemporised a mixture of jazz and funk for an audience that may be oblivious to Fred Wesley and James Brown, yet hero worship the likes of The Hellraiser and DJ Krush. On the "Shake Up" they walk the tightrope and remain perfectly balanced. .. Hip Hop Connection - May 1998

The Hip Hop record that's been waiting to happen in Ireland......five tracks of greatness. The Event Guide - May 1998

 A varied, rounded ep the Shake Up being laden with the heaviest funk and cool breaks with organic percussive elements while Tog Sus is almost melancoly.........definitely a new talent 8/10. DJ - 14th March 1998

 He's come up with a wonderfully cool and jazzy downbeat sound with great production and some nice little grooves running through...........Hazo dosen't seem to be trying to follow any kind of trend. DJ - 28th March 1998

 Hazo's debut for UD is for heads who love the conscience of hip hop. Mixmag - April 1998

From a consistently good label, The Illdependents rip some mid-paced instrumental West Coast style hip hop with balls, horns and head nodding funk. Melody Maker - April 1998

Hazo, a DJ with a cutting edge and a mind full of ideas. With five snatches to work with, there are some divine ideas. dSIDE - May 1998

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