The rear deck.  I used shock-cord to hold down the hatch.  This was not really watertight, I think due to the flatness of the deck in this area. I have since replaced these with an internal shock-cord system which works better. You can also make out the divots I made for lifting the hatch, these also help drain water from the channel where the seal sits.

You can see the seat back I made, exactly according to the book. After some minor adjustments, it fitted extremely well and readily flips over when you lean back.The seat is made from a slab of minicell foam which I ordered from the States. It is 1/2" thick and though it is comfortable ( and warm !) it does seem to retain water when it gets wet. The hip braces, just visible, are also made from minicell foam.

The white areas on the rear deck is the sun coming through the tree overhead.