Anthony Kearns
Spring Concert Tour-2003

By Berta Calechman

An "overview" of 4 of the concerts that I attended this May.

Anthony Kearns Spring Concert Tour-2003
  Anthony Kearns has a God-given talent.  This is obvious to his admirers.   But he has not been content to just "rest on his laurels." He continues to work constantly on his vocal technique, his repertoire, his style-everything that goes into making a great singer. Not even yet in his vocal prime, he is well on his way to being a great singer, and one of the finest of our time.

  His hard work, and attention to detail were evident in his recent Spring Concert Tour, which took place during the first 2 weeks of May, on the east coast of the United States

  He began his concerts with a lovely old English song, "My Lovely Celia", which he sang delicately, and "as soft as air", to quote a line from the song. This was followed by two of the most beautiful songs that Anthony sings: "The Gentle Maiden", and "Terence's Farewell." The care with which he wraps his voice around the words and melody of these two songs, makes them standout pieces on any concert stage. He has kept "The Palatine's Daughter" in his programs, and it's a delight!  Anthony's excellent diction, and the humor in his voice make this particular song one of the highlights of the tour. There were new songs added to this round of concerts.  "In the Gloaming" and "Pale Hands I Love Beside the Shalimar" date back to the Edwardian period, but they were given a new lease on life, and new audiences, in Anthony's capable hands (or throat.)  His voice lends itself to older songs, and he sang these beautifully, with simplicity and respect..

  There was something for everyone at the concerts. With the sun and warmth of Italy in his voice, he sang two famous Italian songs--"Catari", and "Mattinata"  These two songs have been sung by every tenor from Caruso to Carreras, but Anthony Kearns can more than hold his own with those famous men. He pulled out all the stops, and showered the audience with glorious tones.  The standing ovations he received were well-deserved.  Anthony's passion for opera was evident in his performance of "La Donna e Mobile", from Rigoletto. With a lightness and playfulness in his voice, he tossed off this aria in great style, ending with a ringing high B.  And to showcase his vast repertoire, he also treated the audience to a wonderful "Vienna Mine."  As one of his encores, Anthony continues to sing "The Hills of Home", a song written for him by Patrick Healy, his friend and accompanist for many years, and an accomplished musician in his own right. It's an exquisite song, whose melody and words were tailored to the Kearns voice. And it's a perfect fit!

  To speak of Patrick Healy for a moment, he is the pluperfect musician.  An accomplished pianist and raconteur in his own right, he is ever the perfect accompanist, following and even anticipating his singer, so that the two blend effortlessly as one instrument.  And his hilarious stories, such as "Maggie Sheridan's finest hour", or the one about the Thanksgiving turkey, continually have his audiences rolling in the aisles.

   Anthony Kearns has delighted audiences for the past five years with his magnificent singing of everything from Sean Nos to Mario Lanza.  And with Patrick Healy by his side, it's a match made in Heaven!
Berta Calechman