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Anthony with Eileen Ricciardelli and her husband Brian at Ronan Tynan's opening
night at Feinstein's in New York City, 30th Nov.1999.

Below is part of a report by Eileen of this meeting .

Tonight was wonderful. Anthony sat at a table toward the back of the room.
Rosemary Clooney and Michael Feinstein were also in the Audience. Ronan wore
a Black Velvet jacket with a red velvet vest. I met up with Micaela and her
sister. Our table was to the side of the stage. It's a small nightclub 150
seats, very intimate. Ronan sang some Christmas songs,During White Christmas
he introduced Rosemary Clooney.His sister Fiona was there, he dedicated a
song to her. He sang, Rose of Picardy, Funculi, Funcula, Spanish Lady,
Maggie, Ave Maria. Danny Boy and I know I left some out but it was a
combination of holiday and regular songs. He didn't do the Town I loved So
Well, which surprised us.  He came out for one more song and he sang the
Impossible Dream. The show was fantastic. Time flew, he was on for about 1
1/2 or so hours. There was a champagne meet & greet after the concert. It
was hard to get to Ronan with the other stars and the people but we managed
to get our Program (from MSG Concert) signed and he posed for a picture. He
was nice but he wanted to change out of that velvet suit. It must have been
so hot.As I was waiting in the lobby to leave he came by with Anthony and he
had changed into Blue Jeans and a leather Jacket. I said "Now you look
comfortable" and he smiled and nodded.
I was able to talk to Anthony for quite a bit and get my program signed and
he posed for a picture.He was so nice. I told him I was surprised to see him
there and he said he had to stay and show his support.  I told him I saw him
on PBS and he asked "How'd I Do?" I told him he was great but they had wasted
his talent. He looked at me, scrunched his face up and said" They had me answering
the phones. At this point he was called away. I was able to talk to him
later. He said to me" so you're one of the onelist ladies" (Micaela had told
He definitely knows about us. I asked him about Kennedy Center, he said the
plans aren't finalized yet. I told him about Marie and how she found out
about his Dublin concert on onelist. He looked surprised. I told him "
Anthony, we're good, we're very, very good." He laughed.

I asked about the Xmas special for Next year. I mentioned Ronan's
interview in Nebraska where he said it was supposed to be in St. Pat's in
Dublin for this year, He looked at me and said "You don't miss a thing" What
they want to do is do half the concert in St Pat's in Dublin and half in St.
Pat's in NY. Half America, Half Ireland. I told him to Thank Walter for us.
He's known Walter for years and he said he's a wonderful man. I told him I
was surprised California didn't fall into the Pacific with the shudder that
shook America at the rumor of him being married. He laughed and said "no I'm a
single man" I said there's a lot of Irish lassies on this side of the
Atlantic that were very happy to hear that. I also asked if he minded
getting all those emails. He looked surprised and said "No not at all, I
read all of them." He's a warm, wonderful person. this was definitely a once
in a lifetime opportunity. What a thrill. Ronan & Anthony tonight and John
on the 13th. This was definitely a November to Remember...for me..