Friday 6th July 2001

Harbour Center, Portsmouth, Virginia
By Vicki Smith
Richmond, Virginia

On Friday, July 6th I had the privilege of seeing the Irish Tenors in concert at the brand new Harbour Center in Portsmouth, Virginia.

The 6th was the grand opening of the new 6,500-seat amphitheater. The evening started with a short welcome from the mayor of Portsmouth, then moved on to a green ribbon cutting ceremony. Shortly after that, music filled the air as the Virginia Pops Symphony started the overture. The weather was sublime with a slight breeze and temperatures in the seventies. We could not have asked for a more perfect evening.

After a short overture, the Tenors strode across the stage and began singing, their voices in perfect unison. They looked resplendent in white tuxedo jackets with black bow ties and black slacks. Each wore a perfect red rose boutonniere pinned to their lapel. Unfortunately, I did not know the first song they sang, but after that, I spent the rest of the evening mouthing the words along with many of the other fans.

The gentlemen looked like they were having a good time all evening. They were constantly requesting that we all come to Ireland to visit and, of course, they all touted their particular home county as the best place to visit. They were also constantly joking and picking on one another. Ronan seemed to be the biggest prankster. He always looks like he is having the time of this life.

They sang many songs from their new Ellis Island cd along with several songs from previous cd’s. (See song list below). The evening seemed to go on forever and yet when it was over, seemed way too short.

The next to last song was, of course, Danny Boy, which ended with a standing ovation. The last song sung was God Bless America, which had the crowd on its feet and singing along for most of the song.

If you ever get a chance to see these guys live, do it! You couldn’t ask for a better night of music. There were fans of all ages at this show. The Tenors music seems to transcend age barriers.

After singing 30 songs, the evening ended to a standing ovation. We all filed out of the auditorium and into the cool evening air. I have to say that the city of Portsmouth did a fantastic job in directing traffic. Just 15 minutes after the concert ended, I was in my car, out of the parking garage and on my way home….with the Tenors playing on my cd player at full volume, of course.

Vicki Smith

Song List:

  1. Did not know this one
  2. Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears
  3. The Old Bog Road
  4. Love Thee Dearest
  5. My Wild Irish Rose
  6. The Spanish Lady
  7. Medley: Phil the Fluther’s Ball
  8. Come Back Paddy Reilly
  9. Are Ye Right There Michael
  10. Macushla
  11. How are things in Gloca Morra
  12. Slievenamon
  13. Only our Rivers Run Free
  14. The Fields of Athenry
  15. Intermission

  16. The Dublin Medley: Dublin in the Rare Old Times
  17. Molly Malone
  18. Star of the County Down
  19. Forty Shades of Green
  20. The Green Fields of France
  21. The Croppy Boy
  22. The Rose of Tralee
  23. Courting Medley: Courtin’ in the Kitchen
  24. The Stone Outside Dan Murphy’s Door
  25. I’ll Tell My Ma
  26. Irish Medley: Trasna Na Dtonnta
  27. Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile
  28. An Poc Ar Buile
  29. A Nation Once Again
  30. Danny Boy
  31. God Bless America