dan walsh
favourite band:
probably blur
favourite song:
what if I came knocking (john mellencamp)
biggest influence:
mellencamp again i'd say.
favourite food:
favourite drink:
decent coffee (not that instant shit).
favourite movie:
blade runner
favourite book:
carrion comfort
when did you learn how to play?
when I was 15 or so.
name of your first band?
the duke street kings (don't blame me, the singer was a madman... hi andy)
where have you gigged:
in shitholes to numerous to mention...
when you become rich & famous what celebrity would you like to beat the ever living shit out of & why?
grrr ronan - friggin - keating cause he gives me the impression he thinks he's talented.
most desirable date (besides your significant other)?
lucy lou. mmmmm lucy lou. hit me baby
personal quote:
never treat objects like women...