john atkinson
favourite band:
pearl jam
favourite song:
even flow
biggest influence:
pearl jam/stone temple pilots
favourite food:
favourite drink:
white russian
favourite movie:
big lebowski/withnail & i
favourite book:
the day of the jackal
when did you learn how to play?
taught myself xmas 93
name of your first band?
the jesus nut
where have you gigged:
da club/ dorans/slattery's/music centre/butts
when you become rich & famous what celebrity would you like to beat the ever living shit out of & why?
brian kennedy cos if u understood my rage
most desirable date (besides your significant other)?
ashley judd (i wear an american football suit from now on cos a certain someone will be after my blood)
personal quote:
free to those who can afford it... very expensive to those who can't!