roland de jonge
in cloggy land with runners on
favourite band:
joe jackson
favourite song:
you can't get what you want (till you know what you want) > - body and soul - joe jackson
biggest influence:
joe jackson, police
favourite food:
favourite drink:
wine, belgian beers and wiskey to wrap it up
favourite movie:
sleepwalkers the rockamentary
favourite book:
sleepwalkers the history
when did you learn how to play?
mmmm I still don't know how to play. I > started trying more then a decade ago
name of your first band?
night heat, daffodils in the desert, forty shades > of white
where have you gigged:
lommel (belgium), eindhoven, nijmegen, tilburg, breda, > horst, veldhoven + few more places (netherlands)
when you become rich & famous what celebrity would you like to beat the ever living shit out of & why?

most desirable date (besides your significant other)?
are you mental !!!
personal quote: