WALKS: Fionn Mac Cumhaill

Come walk in the footsteps of Fionn Mac Cumhaill. Ireland's renowned athlete and Chief of Fianna Eireann. After the battle of Ventry Harbour Fionn and The Fianna pitched their camp in the foothills of the Stack's Mountains. While here they spent their time hunting and fishing. One day while hunting, Fionn jumped a glen in pursuit of a stag, on retracing his steps homewards Fionn tried to jump the glen backwards, unsuccessfully, he fell to his death and is buried near by. Thus Lyreacrompane can boast that within it reposes the remains of the great legendary character Fionn Mac Cumhaill.
Mass Path & River Walk
Called the Mass Path because people from the area used it as a short cut to Church before motor cars became popular in the district. The river Smearla flows along the side of this path. This is a leisurely walk of 4 miles.

Lyreacrompane: with it's vast rolling hills and unspoilt country lies in the Stack's Mountains. The river Smearla renowned for it's salmon and trout, flows through most of the town lands of Lyreacrompane before entering the River Feale.

Lyreacrompane has great natural resource, it's Bog lands which help to contribute to the yearly income of the local community. Many forms of Wildlife can be found in the bog. The House of Commons printed a report on Irish Bogs in 1814, in it reference was first made to the Lyreacrompane Bogs.


Lies in the Stack Mountain range in north Kerry. It is centrally located being approximately ten miles from the town of Castleisland, Listowel and Tralee (Co. Kerry) and Abbeyfeale (Co. Limerick). The Stacks Mountains have a mixture of gentle and steep slopes. It's highest point is Grusline at 355 metres. To the east of the Stacks stand the Glanaruddery Mountains.

The river Smearlagh is the longest river in the district. The smaller rivers Crompane, Dromaddamore and Glashoreag all rise in the uplands and tumble down hill until they unite with the Smearlagh. It then wanders through most of the Lyreacrompane district before uniting with the Feale River at Inchmagilleragh.

Our walking tracks incorporate vast patterns of bohereens, bog roads, field tracks and a mass path etc. that once served a need in the lives of the local people. The paths are aptly named after both legendary and historical events in the district i.e.    "Mass Path / River Walk" and " Fionn McCumhaill". We also have many unmarked paths.


Native Birds & Butterflies



Blackbird  Blue Tit  Bullfinch Chaffinch  Coal Tit Collared Dove Curlew    Dun-nock     Gold Crest     Gold Finch  Green Finch  Great Tit     Hooded Crow House Sparrow Jackdaw     Linnet        Long tail Tit    Magpie       Pied wagtail  

Birds of prey

Barn Owl     Hen Harrier      Kestrel            Long eared Owl Merlin          Short eared Owl Sparrow Hawk

Riverside Birds

Dipper       Grey  Heron     Grey Wagtail   Mallard


Common Blue  

Green-veiled White

Large White

Meadow Brown

Orange Tip

Painted Lady


Pheasant   Raven         Reed             Bunting          Red Grouse     Red Poll        Robin             Rook             Skylark           Song Thrush   Starling   Stonechat   Tree Creeper Wood Pigeon mistle Thrush- Wren  Immigrant summer  Birds

Chiffchaff        Cuckoo      House Martin   Sand Martin    Sedge-warblers   Swallow

Immigrants winter Birds

Field-fareThrush Redwing Thrush Thrush     Woodcock




Small Heath

Small White



Wall Butterfly


Minister launches Lyreacrompane Community Centre

The new Community Centre for Lyreacrompane was officially opened by the Minister of Justice and Law Reform, Mr. John O'Donoghue.

Family recourse centre, which will cater for the whole community.

The 300 sq. metre complex includes a general purpose/meeting room, laundry, toilets, hall and kitchen as well as dressing rooms and showers


"One of the things that one associates with a local community such as this, is a drama group" says Larry long (secretary of the local development association). But despite it's strong connection with B Keane, Lyre has not had a drama group for about 30 years.

The First aid course, will be starting within two weeks, run by the Co. Kerry VEC.

The local community contributed heavenly to the development of this complex, and the Development Association is also exceedingly thankful to FAS, Leader, The National Lottery and Sliabh Luachra ADM  

Senior Citizens

Christmas Party



Development Company in Conjunction with Kerry VEC

Are holding a

night class in basic computing (20 hrs.)

At the resource centre registration night will be on

Monday 27th November 2000 at 8.30 pm. Cost: 30.00 pounds

We will also run a morning course if there is sufficient numbers. If interested please come along on the night.

For more information contact Mary (068) 48116


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Dan Paddy Andy O'Sullivan the last of the Great Irish Matchmakers was probably one of the best known people to come from this district.