Turn your home into a solar home with our help. Reliable and advanced solar technology for water/space heating, ventilation systems and photovoltaic electricity generation provides us with the opportunity to generate free & clean energy.

cube imageThe sun provides us with far more energy every year than we can possibly use. We are, however, only utilising a tiny percentage of that energy at present Everybody can reduce 'greenhouse gas emissions' by several tonnes per year, simply by installing an average size solar water heating system.

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1891 adThe first solar water heater for domestic use went on sale in 1891. Over 100 years of development have turned solar water heating collectors into sophisticated devices that can achieve over 90% conversion efficiency. Architects have more options than ever to integrate solar systems into the building fabric and whether it is a newly built or existing, private or commercial building, there is a solar solution for every building

"Solar energy is the most important necessity for upholding the natural foundation of life. The entire world economy has to re-orient itself towards renewable resources, if it wants to have any future at all." Statement from Dr. Hermann Scheer, president of EUROSOLAR and recipient of the Alternative Nobel Prize in 1999.

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