1997 Contents
The Buck From Bunán
(To the tune of "Bold Tady Quill").

Ye lads and gay lassies I'll claim your attention
Until I will tell you what happened to those
Who left Ballingeary on the 15th. of August
And went back to Borlin in search of a goat.

They travelled Coom Rua and the wild cliffs of Maolach
From Faill a'Staicín and through sweet Leaca Bán
Through the raes of Muing Mór and the high tops of Borlin
They never cried stop till they came to Bunán.

When they saw this bold hero they thought him quite pleasing
Said Carthy to Sheehan get fast on his throat
Cotter and Creedon they ran up most pleasing
And soon on his horns they placed a strong rope.

Homewards they started with  hearts full of motion
No doubt they were dry when they came to Gougane
They put this bold ranger quite safe in a car house
And drank up the health of the buck from Bunán.

When they walked out after drinking some porter
In that hotel of Cronins at lonely Gougane
They came to the place where they left this bold ranger
But no doubt by that time he was half ways to Bunán.

They commenced shouting and loudly were bawling
The company all they began for to sigh
They said to each other we must look for another
Or the goats of our place will surely go dry.

When the buck got his liberty out of the car house
He cocked up his tail and he puffed with his nose
He ran back the field like any young racehorse
Thanking James Leary for letting him go.

He went back to Maolach and slept in a Bealick
Because it was too late for him to go home.
Early next morning he started for Borlin
No doubt he was laughing when he thought of his course.

On his way backwards  he met with the Tacker
Who bid him good morrow, where were you , you rogue?
I was taken eastwards by the wild Ballingearys
And they will see me no more or either the rope.

As we spoke of this hero it is time for us praise him
I will tell you his age, it was scarcely sixteen.
His size was enormous, he was shaped and well formed
And very well armed with horns indeed.

His eyes they were shining like two sparkling diamonds
His meigeall so fine hanging down to his knees.
With age he was brown, his limbs they were sound.
And in front of his mouth had a set of fine teeth.

So now me brave boys an advice I will give you
If ever again you will want a Buck goat
Go back to Murt Shea, to the owner that owns them
And pay him down cash in both silver and gold.

And when you come back to that hotel of Cronins
Get someone to hold him in lonely Gougane
And now in conclusion I think I'll give over
And sing you no more of the Buck from Bunán.