Two lovely squeakers coming up........


My Squeakers



Here are some pictures of my Guinea Pigs

Harvey (Male, about 2 months old)


Snackie and Harvey together.

 Snackie (Male,1 year old)

My guinea pig cage -it's huge and started life as a rabbit run and it's in my bedroom! we just nailed together some wooden tree stakes and covered it with rabbit wire. We use a 24' plastic dog basket as a bed (my dog was more than a little concerned when we took it) cardboard boxes and fruit crates make for great hideaways and 30 worth of stove pipe my dad bought and didn't need is great for making lots of noise to wake me during the night!


Snackie going for a walk - He loves to hide in the long grass at the bottom of my garden when you take him for a walk.

Please wait.....

Sorcha the cat - My squeakers' best friend (NOT!)

She likes to sit on my bed and try and think of ways of getting my guineas out of their cage.






My guineas' favorite hobbies


  1. Waking me up at 1AM to demand food
  2. Trying to escape in search of food
  3. Eating food - especially broccoli
  4. Teasing my cat
  5. Sitting in their food bowl

(Notice how most of their hobbies involve food?)


10 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Better Than Other Pets 

  1. They are easy to care for
  2. They don't chew your slippers
  3. They don't scratch your furniture
  4. They don't wake the neighbors up at 3 am
  5. They can be left alone for more than 5 minutes
  6. They are easy to handle
  7. They tell you when they need food
  8. They are much better than an alarm clock
  9. It's great fun to try and figure out what all their squeaks and warbles mean
  10. They're not offended if you sit in their favorite spot on the sofa


Jessie and Rory are my dogs .Jessie is a bit confused about the squeakers and has decided they are infact kittens!(she also thinks she is a cat )Rory on the other hand thinks the guinea pigs would make a nice snack which is where Snackie's name came from.