2000 Junior League Semi-Final

Date Venue
Novenber 18th (2001) Allen Gaels versus Fenagh St. Caillins Balinaglera

Played a year late and in dreadful conditions and after receiving a severe drubbing, this is a game we all want to forget about.

Fenagh St. Caillins were severely handicapped going into this game due to a long list of injuries. The failure of a few more to show up on the day of the match meant we had to play a strong Allen Gaels side with just the bare 15 players. More misfortune as Gerry Butler went over on his ankle 10 mins into the game, he continued to play on but had to retire at half-time. Needless to say we were convincingly beaten.

It was one way traffic all the way with perhaps only the last 10 minutes of the first half belonging to Fenagh but lacking any real punch upfront never posed a scoring threat in those few minutes. The loss of Gerry just made it worse as Fenagh were now one man down and Allen Gaels set up camp in the Fenagh half for the last 30 mins with the occasional venture for Fenagh up to the Allen Gaels goal.

Credit must be given to the lads who did their best with a special word for Shane Ellis who was down in Balinaglera to watch the match but was quickly enlisted as corner back.

Team Lineup.

1. Joe McDermott

2. Peter Honeyman
3. Ciaran Redican
4. Shane Ellis

5. Donal Ellis
6. Francis Duignan
7. Justin Flynn

8. Joe Conefry
9. Sean Logan

10. Paul Conefry
11. Dara Baraden
12. Enda Egan

13. Kevin Dowd
14. Gerry Butler
15. Kevin Doonan