St. Clares School Parents Association
23rd November 2005

Parents may be interested to know that a Parent's Association has been recently formed in St Clares.

Such associations are commonplace in most schools and it was felt by a number of parents, with the support of the principal, that such an Association would be a welcome development.

The Education Act, 1998 sets down the role of the parent Association: "A parents'association shall promote the interests of the students in a school in co-operation with the board, principal, teachers and students". Accordingly, officers and a committee were selected. The Association has now affiliated to the National Parents Council.

While a Parents Association can have many functions, the committee felt the most important function of the Association was to act as advocates for our children and to raise issues which concern parents in relation to for example, the provision of therapists.

Speech and language, occupational therapists etc are engaged by the Health Service Executive rather than by the Dept of Education and we as parents need to highlight the under-provision of these therapists to our children. We know that this is also of great concern to the principal, the teachers and the SNAs in St Clares who do an excellent job.

We will contact parents about our efforts by sending letters home from time to time with the children and also in the newsletter, a recent welcome initiative by the dedicated staff of St Clares.

If any parent has suggestions or comments they wish to make, we would appreciate receiving them. When one forms a Parents Association in a school, all parents become members automatically!

The officers are:
Tony Boland (Chairperson) Telephone:0657079906, Jim Jones (Treasurer): Telephone 0656822423 and Mary Pyne (Secretary) Telephone:0656832292.
I Mary Pyne, have an e-mail address
which is:
and Tony and Jim will have these available to them in the near future