Mission Statement of the Presbyterian Church in Cork


Statement on Mission (approved by Kirk Session; February 1998)

The aim in mission of Trinity Church, Cork is to maintain the traditional pattern of worship in our building and at the same time to offer other forms of worship and fellowship true to the heart of Presbyterianism but possibly more accessible to those who would find our traditional patterns alien.

This will be attempted to begin with, by a Sunday evening gathering in the hall. A 'Mission Strategy Group' is to be appointed by the Kirk Session to consider ways in which we can be more effective in mission both in the church building and in other places and ways.

Although we have a small base and much to do, it is important that each person should recognise what they are called to do and are contented in that1 whether it be in cleaning, evangelism, finance gardening, music (of different kinds), prayer, repairs, Sunday School teaching etc. Different people will prefer one or other focus in worship let there be an attitude of freedom and mutual respect so that no-one feels compelled to engage in a pattern that is uncomfortable for them. Remember the story of young David who could not use the armour and weapon of Saul! (1 Samuel 17:38-40)


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