My Report On Seals

Seals are mammals that live in the sea. There are two kinds of seals that live around Britain. Male grey seals have dark brown grey hair with light patches. Females are lighter with dark patches. Seals spend most of their lives in the sea. They swim and feed under water.

By Aoife


My Report On Sharks

A shark is one of the fastest fish in the sea. Most fish have skeletons made of hard bones, but a shark’s skeleton is made of light flexible cartilage. They live in the ocean. They go under rocks. Sharks are skilful hunters. They feel movement from far away. They can smell blood from far away and they have really sharp teeth. They catch penguins, seals, turtles and fish.




My Report on Sharks

A shark is a fish and is one of the fastest fish in the sea. Most fish have skeletons made of hard bone but a shark’s skeleton is made of flexible cartilage. This allows the shark to twist and turn very quickly. They live in the ocean all around the world, but not in small seas. There are over 375 sharks that feed on other sea creatures. They nearly do that all day. There are blue sharks, Mako sharks and the Great White Shark which is six metres long.

By Luke


My Report on Snakes

A snake is a very venomous reptile. The snake only has a body which he uses to slither along the ground. The anaconda is the longest snake at 9 metres long. The pythons are also long. It is found almost anywhere but mostly in tropical forests. There are no snakes in Ireland or The Antartic. Snakes are the most successful predators. There is a snake which is called The Black Mamba. It can slither at 20 miles per hour. A couple of hundred years back, snakes had legs. Snakes can go on water and they are very good jumpers (from trees).They are cold blooded predators. Snakes jaws do not separate, so they can stretch them out long. The python wraps around its victim to suffocate it.


Report On Dogs

It’s a mammal so it’s warm-blooded,and it doesn’t rely on the sun to warm itself.

Dogs have different fur, attitude and likings according to its breed. There are over 190 dog breeds in the world.

Dogs are found all over the world and are now top pets.

A dog can get really attached to their owner, and confident puppies generally accept change very easily. They have been used as film icons like Lassie (Rough Collie) and Toto (Cairn Terrier).




The grey wolf is the biggest member of the dog family. Grey wolves, maned wolves, red wolves and wild dogs are meat eaters. Grey wolves and wild dogs live in a large group called packs. Wolves hunt mammals including moose, caribou and rabbits. Wolves once lived in many parts of the world. They even lived in Ireland at one time. Wolves have a good sense of smell.

Wolves are only found in few places now. Grey wolves and red wolves are mostly found in North America.

We learned in the history of Rome that Romulus and Remus were raised by a she-wolf after they were thrown in the River Tiber.

by Josh


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