Stokane National School Reunion

It happened in my father’s time

by Liam Foody.

In those days the boys and girls went to school until they were sixteen or seventeen years of age. The two teachers there at that time were ladies. One was married and one was single. The single teacher was Principal and was teaching the seniors. This day she asked Rodney to read. I must state here that Rodney was an awful dunce. Rodney stood up and began to read “Our dog has” - “Our dog has” “Spell it” she said. “F-O-U-R” spelled Rodney. “Tell him Robert” said the Principal. “Four ‘ said Robert. So Rodney began again - Our dog has four L-E-G-S. “What are L-E-G-S” she asked. “I do not know” said Rodney. She then tried to explain. “I have two” she said “and a cow has four” . “Tits, Miss’ said Rodney amidst great laughter from the entire class . Well at this she lost her temper and you can guess the rest.



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