Stokane National School Reunion

Well I may have a funny incident

by Liam Foody.

I have been asked to write in this new book, to put something

original in, sure there is nothing original in me, not even

Original Sin

One day the Inspector arrived unexpectedly. He came into the Master’s classroom and he asked us to give him a number between ten and one hundred. Someone said 23 so the Inspector took the chalk and wrote 32 on the blackboard. Somebody else said 45 and the Inspector wrote 54 . Someone else said 96 and the Inspector wrote 69. The fellow beside me shouted up “77 Sir and you can muck that up all you like”. The Inspector turned to the Master and congratulated him and gave a great report to the school.

I remember one other day we were at religious instruction. Again the Religious Examiner walked in. We were expecting him and were well prepared. He asked a few questions and everyone had the correct answers. He then asked “On what day besides Friday or a Fast day can you not eat meat?” Well this baffled the entire school, even the Master was puzzled. Suddenly Michael John shouted up “The day you have not got it, Father”. Well the Priest congratulated Michael John, praised the entire school and admitted that he could not puzzle us.



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