Stokane National School Reunion

May Hallinan.

I started school in 1919. There was over one hundred pupils on the roll book at that time. The average rose in the next couple of years and a third teacher was appointed, which was a great help to Miss Maye who taught all the juniors up to fourth standard. At that time most of the pupils remained in school until they were eighteen or nineteen years of age. In fifth, sixth and seventh class, pupils remained for two years, as there were two stages in each of these classes. In eighth class the Headmaster taught book-keeping to any pupil who showed a desire to learn it. Science was a subject for sixth and seventh classes.

We were also prepared for interviews. I remember a story the Headmaster told us of a Manager who required a clerk. Ten applicants were waiting to be interviewed. The Manager simply left a hook on the floor where each applicant had to walk across it to reach him. Only one applicant stopped to pick up the book and needless to say he got the job. The other applicants were surprised as they had all answered the same questions but the job went to the applicant who took the trouble to pick up the book.

In these days each family with school going children brought a cart of turf to the school. There was always a good fire and any child who came to school wet or cold was always very well looked after.

Our teachers were Master Rouse, Mrs. Rouse and Miss Maye who was a great teacher. They all deserved great credit. I have very many pleasant memories of our old school.



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