Stokane National School Reunion

Ode to the days in Stokane National School

By Tina Murphy

Oh to the days I spent in school,

To the days I followed rule by rule,

In Stokane school those were the days,

I propose a toast to all I met on the way.

Stokane is a little village in Castleconnor,

To our forefathers before us we owe the honour,

To how they developed a school so nice and small,

For their children one and all.

I started in school in ‘74,

Being youngest in my family I found it a chore,

By the time I left in ‘81,

I was glad of my knowledge and all the fun.

Along the way I had many achievements,

And met with only a few bereavements,

About the achievements I am proud to boast,

Again to Stokane I propose a toast.

Being one of the first editors of the Stokane Diary,

I can consult it yet for any inquiry,

About anything especially the Stokane Band,

To which I also gave a hand.

The noise of my cymbals was oh so loud,

That everybody was soon awake in the crowd,

So I decided I would start to play something new,

Drums, melodica, tin whistle mentioning just a few.

Mrs. Burke started me off from scratch,

Where in the “Big Five” I met my match,

Then I progressed to Mr. Mc Hale the Master,

Where suddenly life started to move faster.

Mr. McMahon was next in line,

And he made learning seem just fine,

Before heading for Enniscrone and the nuns,

Where exam pressure had now begun.

To all my classmates, teachers and friends,

The crack from Stokane it never ends,

I take this opportunity if I may,

To wish you well on your way.

So present children of Stokane School,

Hold your head up high and don’t be a fool,

To Stokane, the school I loved the most,

Once again I propose a toast.



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