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This page will be updated regularly with information on new videos and pictures on the website.

(28/7/03) we're back!

(11/7/03) the guys (and crew) are going on the company holiday (this is the second one since we started out) so expect new footage in the next few weeks, this also means the site won't be up-dated but what the fuck do we care. talk to you soon!

(10/7/03) new video in videos page "streaker on the field!". benny D says~ "its a natural and beautiful thing to streak at one of the biggest games of the year".

(4/7/03) the videos page has just been re-vaped with some new videos (barbie burns! 1 & 2, foot fire, etc) and old ones to, plus theres a link to download any of the videos to your computer so have a look! you can tell us what you think by signing the guestbook.

(3/7/03) there's an interview with the main guy benny D just put up onto the downloads page check it out!

(1/7/03) stupid crap have agreed to a contract with Bake Media(U.K) to send there videos out to media messaging mobile phones across the U.K. stay tuned for more.

(28/6/03) The most recent videos added to the site were of "soiled mattress sledding". This involved the team (benny D, lion down and photo) getting a car and a mattress. Then we tied the car to the mattress and lion down and benny D hopped on. Watch the videos to learn more and see the guys getting busted over and over again.

(14/6/03) The guys will also be filming in a foreign location during the summer and will hopefuly bring lots more stupid crap back with them.


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