the stupid people

name: lion down

age: ?

date of birth : 8/1/19?

birth place : hospital (but we're not sure)

current home : i moved in with my brother & his family.

hair : dark black

eyes : two

occuption : pro asshole, i used to work in burger king 3 years ago.

music : METALLICA, Sum 41, Pennywise, guns n roses etc........


name: benny D

nick-names: jeff star, the sunshine kid.

age: 17

date of birth: ?

birth place: my uncles swimming pool.

current home: lions brothers basement.

hair: bleached with red fringe.

eyes: ears and nose all still there!

occuption: blood doner, busker, stuntman, window washer etc......

music: METALLICA, METALLICA, METALLICA & the jackson 5.

fav. book:

name: twirly photo

age : 22.

date of birth : 12/5/1981.

birth place : grannies couch.

current home : grannies shed.

hair : sexy.

eyes : one e.x.g-75 lense.

occuption : pro filmer man and pornographer (gay and straight).

music : Spice Girls (only there later stuff), Bjork etc......


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