Sea Angling

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Bathed in the warm waters of the North Atlantic Drift (an offshoot of the Gulf Stream) Ireland's southwest region is an undiscovered paradise for sea angling. With more than 1000km. of coastline, over 33 species of fish and a mild climate and excellent facilities the southwest is truly the place to visit.

The region's coastline is varied from magnificent sweeping bays, to rugged inlets to wide estuaries. Five huge headlands jut out into the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean and warm water species such as blue shark and bass can be caught. Of course the cooler water species such as cod, coalfish and porbeagle are also an offer

Charter boat angling is really exciting and boat prises vary from 100 to 300 per day or 20 to 30 per head. Equipment is available for hire on the boats and expert advice is always on hand. All skippers are very knowledgeable and you are guaranteed to have an excellent days fishing. Travelling to the marks can also be very rewarding as you often see some of the many ancient settlements scattered around our coast and islands and of course many different bird species.

Shore angling is exceptional all around the coast. The maps detail the best marks and bait sites and all are readily accessible. Shore angling in the region is certainly some of the best in Western Europe but also under populated, its not unusual to spend a week fishing in the more remote areas without seeing another angler.

We are sure you will enjoy you visit to our shores and we would certainly welcome details of your catch, constructive suggestions and indeed any information that will help protect and develop our valuable marine resource