October 12th, 2000

Patrick Gorman has decided to discontinue his involvement with Taven. However, this may not be a permanent situation. He wishes to put his full focus on developing his singing skills. For the the last year he has been taking singing lessons. He feels that this development is essential for himself and Taven. We will see what the future holds................

October 7th, 2000

All is calm in the land of Taven!! New band members are still sought after, drummers are hard to come by! Taven are not doing any gigs until more people join the band. Well, stay in tune.

June 20th, 2000

Taven have another gig in the George. This time for bingo night, but there will be no bingo as it is a celebration of the 3rd year of bingo at the George. Many acts will be on that night, including Taven. It is on this Sunday, 25th June from 7pm. Taven have been quiet for a while as they are still looking for a drummer to expand the band and possibilities. The new (lucky!!) member hopefully will be joining as soon as possible, as soon as Taven can find that right person. Stay in touch.....

April 19th, 2000

Another call back to The George. This time a Sunday, Bingo Night, Sunday 23rd of April! The time of Taven on stage is still unknown as there are many other acts of various sorts on. Sunday nights are special in The George. It is sort of a family night and a great mixture of people attend. So if you are feeling adventurous, Taven hope to see you there. The time of Taven's arrival will be posted as soon as possible.

March 16th, 2000

Taven have got a call back to The George. They are special guest again to Veda. Taven are performing on Wednesday the 22nd of March. They appear on stage at 10pm to play three songs.

March 2nd, 2000

Taven played The George last. They were special guest of Veda. Taven performed three songs, "Speechless", "Watch you love me" and "Gen City". The crowd responded very positively to the songs. Maybe there is a future for Taven. Although Rob messed up speechless (his guitar slipped) everything else went smoothly. Taven will be seen in The George again. Taven would like to thank Veda, and all the family and friends there in support.

February 28th, 2000

Taven are to play live at The George on Wednesday 1st of March, 9pm. They are supporting Veda. The George is located on George's Street, Dublin, just off Dame Street. This is their first real gig and only the beginning!

January 17th, 2000

CD cover

Taven entered TrackMix studios, Clonsilla to record their first demo. The demo, named 'Arrivals' consists of 4 tracks in the following order:

1. Gen City

2. Watch You Love Me

3. Your Faith is Mine

4. Drain Life

January 3rd, 2000

Taven played support to The Sphinx at the lead guitarist's(Rory Griffin) home, Malihide, Co. Dublin. Five songs were played by Taven, "Child, Watch You Love Me, Drain Life, Your Faith is Mine and Gen City".

December 27th, 1999

Taven have booked into a recording studio for 17th January 2000. They will record a demo of about 4 tracks. The intial track listing is as follows: "Gen City" "Watch You Love Me" "Drain Life" "Your Faith is Mine" The CD will be made available soon after the recording.

March 1999

Taven form as a two member unit consisting of Patrick Gorman and Robert Stephen Lawless. Patrick being the singer and Robert the guitarist. Taven are a pop/rock group with originality and vision. They have spent the last few months finding themselves and creating new material. The dream continues.....