The People





At the George

"Knock Knocking on the door. I fall face first through the floor. Blood comes from my eyes. Hearing flames from the fire. Felt so warm. A burning desire. If only it wasn't the end. Hoping to somehow see a face familiar. Looking for me but darkness is all that surrounds me"

"When the night turns to day and the cold is gone away. When the sun looks through my window. I see you there being stupid without a care"

Old building somewhere in Dublin

An abandoned house in Donabate

"It's too cold on this side of the moon for life to live and breathe. All the walls are made of ice and the ground too bitter for seeds. The cosmic cows can be heard a mooing on the black pastures of space."

"You are the devine magnet. An attraction of all dirt and greed. You ask me no more questions, you just take what you want. You corrupt the mind, you control the source, but you never let it flourish, so the stand is here, the stand is now! Your life is filled with Drain."

Same building in Dublin

Dam bitch on the phone again!!

"Juniper kisses of lastful taste. The scent of your liquid. The disaster of you, the end of us. This game has shattered all my love"

"What do you mean you can't stay! Why did you come, but if not to play? Why did you make me feel this way? Why did you come, why did you come here?"

Dublin -some old building, we like old builings!!


Lyrics Taven


Photographs by Stephen Lennon

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