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Blue Marsh

Eastern Moon

Moon Resting, Silver Mountain

HELLO, AND WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE.. I am a painter of seascapes, landscapes and abstracts,  based in Cork, on the South coast of Ireland. This website offers a brief overview of my work. My paintings are relatively small works, and are essentially atmospheric, meditative pieces. They tend towards seascapes, landscapes or abstracts, and are all painted in water-based media, primarily watercolour and gouache. Water and nature are the recurring themes and inspiration points for all of my works, and I believe the works are all imbued with the essential spirit of nature that inspired them. This comes from a life-long connection and fascination with nature and the elements, and the awe-inspiring variety and power of the natural environment - from an early childhood in the marshy coastal landscape of Savannah, Georgia, to growing up in the Irish countryside, and eventually settling on the beautiful southern coast of Ireland. People see different things and different places in my paintings, and often say they enjoy 'losing themselves' in them. I enjoy painting them just as much, and hope this is passed on through the works. Georgia Hopkins

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Night Bay

Landscape Gallery  |    Seascapes    |    Nature's Abstractions    |    Artist Profile