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The Log Book is the international publication for woodfirers and those interested in woodfiring and wood-fired ceramics, be they professional, educator, student, or enthusiast. Supported only by subscription The Log Book is a non-profit publication with no commercial advertising.
     Intended as a forum for the discussion of the many diverse aspects of wood-fired ceramics, articles are published on historical, traditional and contemporary woodfiring, together with reports on specialist woodfire related events worldwide. Reviews of books, videos, and DVDs of relevance to woodfiring are also included.
    This publication is a significant resource documenting the aesthetics, the materials, and the processes of wood-fired ceramics. Published quarterly, there are now subscribers to The Log Book in over 25 countries worldwide.

Issue 57 Published February 2014
Instinctive Emotion
Hervé Rousseau
The Illusion of Achievement
Rob Barnard
Clay and Woodfiring -
A Way of Life         Joy Brown
Following IntuitionTim Rowan
Ash on ClayIan Jones
Backlog/Events Calendar
Front Cover: Detail of Pichet (Jug) by Hervé Rousseau.
Photograph: Pascal Vangysel.
FRONT COVER:The Log Book issue 57
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