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Why Thermography
An infrared survey can detect a problem before it manifests itself into a costly failure. Using thermography it is very common to find a loose wire that can be repaired for less than 100, but if it were allowed to fail, the cost could skyrocket to thousands of Euro for equipment, repair or replacement. One of the great things about conducting an infrared scan is the equipment doesn't need to be shutdown. In fact, it is preferable for the equipment to operate near full-load capacity. That way we can measure the severity of the fault with greater accuracy. Having a survey conducted prior to a scheduled outage will afford the opportunity to acquire any needed replacement parts ahead of time.
Examples of what can be scanned using thermography:
What do I get besides a pile of pictures?
The photos of the electrical system condition are only the starting point. You'll receive reports that can be tailored to your needs. Working with your personnel, we develop the specific information to be included in your report that can bring light to the severity of the situation. Our reports include an image of the condition, both in infrared and visual light, our analysis as to why the condition exists and suggestions for correcting the problem.
Not only do we provide reports on hardcopy, but we also provide a Cd rom version. Our Cd also includes a copy of all images taken and all required software. This is the most complete survey and report available anywhere, adding significantly to the versitility of our service.

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If this happend in your facility how would you manage?

The above image shows a catastrophic failure of an electrical system. The insurance report found the cause to be a bad connection. Stop putting out fires and start preventing them using infrared thermography

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