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Mechanical Thermography

Mechanical and insulation surveys

Mechanical applications  for thermal imaging  almost always involve rotating equipment  . Excessive heat is generated by friction caused by faulty bearings, inadequate lubrication, misalignment, misuse, or normal wear.

Insulation / refractory surveys usually involve kilns or furnaces . The refractory lining breaks down allowing heat to pass through to the outside, this can cause quality control problems or may even pose a risk to personnel. Our high tech equipment has temperature capabilities of up 1500C.


The Image On the left demonstrates how thermography can be used to detect the level of liquid in an enclosed tank. This works on the principal that the temperature of the liquid is a different temperature than the vessel and as in this case cools the tank up to the level of the liquid.

The center and right images show how thermography can be used to survey the roof of a building. Areas of heat loss can be attributed to bad insulation, leaks in roofs can be pinpointed because damp insulation will show up as an area of heat due to the change in U values.

Above: The image on the left is an example of how thermography can be used to detect  mechanical problems, in this case misalignment.
The image on the right is an example of how thermography can be used to detect insulation and refractory lining problems.

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