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The Tierneys of Ulster. The Tierneys of Connaught.
The Tierneys of Leinster. Tierneys listed in Griffiths Valuation of Ireland 1848 to 1864.
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The O'Tierneys of Munster

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The O’Tierney Clan of Tipperary [Munster]

 It is thought that the O'Tierneys came to Tipperary ,with the O'Kennedys, from North Clare in the early 1300s having been driven from their own territory or kingdom of Carra in Mayo following the assassination of King Flann O'Tierney and most of his clan in 1273 by the O'Murrays [see note on the Tierneys of Connaught]

In Dermot Gleeson's book ‘The Last lords of Ormond’, Page 62 last paragraph,

and in ‘Irish names and Places’ by P.W.Joyce Vol. 2

Listed under the ‘Old Gaels/ Other Gaelic families in the Upper Ormond index is ‘Tierney of Lisboney’. Lisboney or Lisbunny is a civil parish adjoining Nenagh parish, one mile South- East on the mail road from Limerick to Dublin. It contained 1442 inhabitants and comprised of 4178 statute acres with Tithes of £323:1:6½. This may be the country referred to in the Ormond Deeds as ‘Fearn O’Tyernie’? [or O'Tierney country]

Lisbunny is derived from Lis = a fort and Buinne = a wave or a flood or any flow of water. Lisbunny therefore must have been so called from a circular fort whose fosse [or moat?] was flooded.

The O’Tierney seat appears to have been in Kilconane, which is in the South East of the parish. On the main Nenagh to Borrisoleigh/Thurles road turn left at Kilkeary Cross Roads [approx 6 Kms. From Nenagh] and you are in the townland of Kilconane.

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The Ormond Deeds

The Ormond Deeds are a body of notes, court transcripts, agreements, leases, mortgages, and various assortments of transactions covering the day to day life in the Baronies of Upper and Lower Ormond during the 16th and 17th Centuries. They were compiled and maintained under the instruction of the Earl of Ormond. They throw valuable light on the life and times of that area of Tipperary which was ruled almost independently by the Irish Chiefs and Chieftains. These deeds lay lost for many centuries but were discovered during the renovation of one of the great Ormond Castles, Killkenny Castle.

In The Ormond Deeds Vol. V, 1547 to 1584 the following deeds and agreements appear. They show that there was a powerful Tierney presence in Ormond. The O'Kennedy family were the Overlord Chiefs and the O'Tierneys would have been one of their underchieftains. That is the O'Tierney would have ruled his own territory but would have paid a 'fee' to the overlord, who would have been more powerful militarily, for protection when needed.

Information found in The Ormond Deeds Vol. V, covering the period from 1547 to 1584.

Fearan O’Thierna, Fearron O’Thierne, T. (Orm.)                                                       317f                       

[These translate as O'Tierney country]

O’Teynane: Shane Leaghe                                                                                                       8       

O’Tiernan: Roger                                                                                                                  319

O’Tierney (O’Tyerna, O’Tyerne): family                                                                              318f


Page 8 Of Vol. v. of the Ormond Deeds contains transcripts of various Inquisitions taken from the Royal Justices in Co. Tipperary between 1547 and 1553, and of particular is  "The Inquisitions taken at Clonmel before Thomas Houth, Second Justice of the Kings Chief Place in Ireland, and his fellows etc, on the Thursday after the feast of St Scolastica, Virgin, in the 3rd. year of Edward vi, (i.e. Feb 14th. 1549)".

The following entry appears.

"Shane Leaghe O'Teynane (O'Tierney?), Donald Owkyrre O'Meaghir and Shane O'Conoghor, late of Thurles, footmen, stole cattle of Cornelius O'Connyll, miller, and a cow and a bullock (iuvincus) of Dermot O'Connyll.


Transcript of Deed Number 358 of the Ormond Deeds.

[Page 317,318 & 319. of the Ormond Deeds, Deed 358]

Eight Kennedy and O’Tierney Deeds (in Latin)


1) Cornelius O’Kennedy of Parke in Ormond, gentleman, son and heir of Maurice O’Kennedy late of the same, in consideration of 100L., current money of England, grants to Donald O’Meara of Lisenusky, chief of his nation, a quarter and a half of a quarter of carucate of arable land of his own patrimony, and his messuages, lands and tenements in the towns and fields of Parke and Kaeillaghalaehin, and all his rights, services, suits of courts etc., to hold to said Donald, his heirs and assigns for ever, of the chief lords of the fee, etc.

Signature; Cornelius O’Kenedy. ‘Et Talheus Filius euis consensit’        March 29th 1582.                  .


2) Cornelius O’Kennedy, in consideration of 30L., current money of England, grants to Donald O’Meara, a quarter and a half of a quarter of a carcucate of land in his tenements in Parke, Coeillaghalaehin, and other places of his patrimony in the lands commonly called Fearan O’Thierna. To hold to said Donald, his heirs and assigns forever.

Signature; Cornelius O’Kenedy                                                        March 29th 1582.


3) Henry O’Kennedy, son of Brondy or Doyne O’Kenedy of Pairke, in Ormond, grants to Donald O’Meara of Lisannski, a quarter of a carucate of land with appurtenances in the town of Parke and in the lands, fields and woods of Gorremore, Corlisse and Keahure Downy, and also all rights and lordship in a quarter of Kaeillagha Laehan. To hold to the said Donald, his heirs and assigns forever. Philip O’Tuohi, Priest, and Donat O’Macki to make livery of seisin.                  January 8th 1583.


4) Henry O’Kenedy, son of Brondi, son of Maurice O’Kenedy of Parke, in consideration of 100Marks Sterling, grants to Donald O’Meara of Lisinessque, a quarter part and a seventh part of a quarter of a carucate of an arable fee, with his tenements etc. in Parke, Kaeillaghalaehin and other adjoining places in the lands called Fearron O’Thierne. To hold to said Donald, his heirs and assigns forever

Signature; Henricus O’Kynedy                                                        January 8th 1583.


5) Theodoric alias Terelaghe O’Kennedi of Parke in Ormond, gentleman, son and heir of Edmund son of Maurice O’Kennedi, of the same, in consideration of 100marks sterling, grants to Donald O’Meara of Lisanuski and his heirs forever a quarter and a sixth of a quarter of a carucate of land of his patrimony in Parke, Gortmore and Corlisse and elsewhere in Fearran O’Tyernie, and also all his rights in the quarter called Kaeillaghalahaen.

Sal Th.K.                                                                                             January 12th 1583.


6)     Philip O’Tyerna, Fearraiis [? Fergus] O’Tyerna and Richard O’Tyerna, sons and heirs of Patrick son of Fearraiis O’Tierna of Kaeillaghcalaehon in Ormond, and Rory O’Tyerna, son and heir of William son of Fearraiis O’Tierna of the same, gentlemen and farmers (feudatarios), quit-claim for them and their heirs forever to Donald O’Meara of Lisanusky, his heirs and assigns, all their right, title, possession, etc., of Kaeillaghcalaehon and Fearron Dwnye.                                       

March 20th 1583.

7)     Cornelius alias Knoghor O’Kenedy, Donald or Donoghe O’Kenedy and Rory O’Kenedy of Curraghelieghe in Ormond, gentlemen, for a sum of money grant to Thomas Archer of Kilkenny and Donald O’Meara of Lisenuske a carucate of land in Curraghelieghe, with all the meases, lands, etc., belonging thereto. To hold to said Thomas and Donald, their heirs and assigns, to the use of Thomas, Earl of Ormond, his heirs and assigns forever.                                           

August 11th 1583.

8) Deed of December 27th 1586, by William O’Tyerne, son and heir of Fearraiis O’Tyierne, late tenant (feudatorem) of Kaeillaghcalaehon in Ormond, to the effect that he has granted to Donald O’Meara of Lisanusky in Ormond the fourth part of one carucate of land in Kaeillaghcalaehon, and a quarter of a plowland (carucata) in the half plowland commonly called Leaghseisregh Dwnye, with all the messuages, lands, tenements, fields, meadows, pastures, woods, underwoods, moors, waters, water-courses, warrens, mills, etc., belonging to the same : to have and to hold to said Donald, his heirs and assigns, of the chief lord of the fee by accustomed service. The grantor appoints as his attorneys Rory O’Tyerne of Killonene and Thomas ‘Fuscus’ O’Tyerne of Kaeillyeghtereghe.


Note; Many of the signatures and names of the witnesses to the above deeds are in Irish. They include the following; Donald O’Kennedy, public notary, Teig O’Fyhalla, Teig Hinerigh, Bernard McDowill, Odo O’Mackay, Matthew O’Tyerna, Teig McCownochobhair y Coneairigh, Conoghcobhar Naone O’Meara, Maurice O’Maccarb, William ‘Niger@ O’Mulrian, John O’Mulrian, Teig Kinnedi McConcabair, Philip O’Tuohi and Dermot O’Tuohi, priests, Barnaby fitzTerrelagh, Maurice O’Maccay, Donald O’Corway, Cornelius ‘Viridis’ O’Meara, Thomas ‘Fuscus’ O’Tyerny, John Kenedy, Patrick O’Meara, Dermot ‘Vony’ O’Meara, Peter Swetman, Donel Mele O’Corrywye, Donoghe Oge O’Kenedy of the Blene (?), William fitz Teig fitz Thomas alias William Riane, Donogh McMoroghe O’Gleasane, Matthew Duffe O’Gleasane, Matthew O’Tyerne of Killonane, Teig McHewe of the Dole, Rory McDavid of the same, Dermoid Og McConoghor McDermoid, Gilenduff O’Kennedy, Bernard O’Kennedy, Roger O’Tiernan, Donatus O’Maccay, Moriartus O’Maccay, Thadeus O’Maccay.


From the above deeds we can build four generations of the Tierney Clan, "Lords of Lisbonny and Fearan O'Tighearnaigh" in Ormond.


Fearrais [or Fergus] O'Tighearnaigh Lord of Fearron O’Thierne


Patrick                                                                        William [eldest son & heir]


Philip-Fearraiis [or Fergus] -   Richard                      Rory -Thomas 'Fuscus'


                                                                                                        Morogh of Kilconane – Matthew - Roger


In the Ormond Deeds Vol. vi Page 86 listed under "Tenants of the Earl of Ormond 1595/1596" is:

Mahon O'Tierne, tenant in Knockbreak, Glenerk and Rathmoilen in Ormond.

The following is a translation from Latin of a deed contained on page 26 of the Ormond Deeds Vol. vi: Deed no. 42.

"Grant [in Latin] by William O'Tyerne, son and heir of Fearraiis O'Tyerne, late of Kaeillaghcalaehon in Ormond, to Donald O'Meara of Lisanusky in the same of land in Kaeillaghcalaehon and a parcel of land called Leaghseisregh Dwnye.

Signatures in witness,

William O'Tyerne, Donald O'Meara, Gilleduff O'Kinedy, Philip Tuahi sacerdos, Bernard O'Kennedy, Donald O'Kennedy, Roger O'Tiarna, Donatus O'Macray, Donatus O'Macray, Odo O'Macray, Thadeus O'Macray

Dated December 27th 1586                                        Signet Seal [imperfect]


In the same Volume is listed Deed No. 72:

Attainder of an O'Kennedy

Rory O'Tirne of Kilcoman is listed as a juror [one of 17] sworn in an "Inquisition at Nenagh Castle on March 24th 1593 in the case of Donill McEc O'Mulyryan, late of Bohir, who was killed at Lisnesille on 10th October 1584 fighting against the Queen on the side of Gerald Earl of Desmond, John Browne and divers other traitors."

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Irish Fiants

In the  ‘Irish Fiants’, being a reprint of PROI, (now the National Archives)

Report of the Deputy Keeper, 8th to 20th 1875 to 90 with a preface by Thomás O’Canann

and an introduction by K.W.Nichols, and ‘Last Lords of Ormond page 256.


Listed in the Fiants for pardons 1601 to 1603 was Teige O’Tierna, Kilcrohnane (Kilconane, Lisboney) Upper Ormond. Also listed was Brien M’T(h)ierlag(h) of Dawry (Dary, Aglishcloghane) Lower Ormond and Mondobber (Bunadubber, Cloghprior) Lower Ormond. M’Tierlagh may be a misspelling of Tierney?

Name and source. ‘The Last Lords of Ormond’ page 260.

In the Analysis of the Freeholders of Ormond in 1640 as returned by the Civil Survey as of 1653 (holdings in plantation acres – figure rounded) Listed in Upper Ormond is Tierney of Lisboney with 113 acres.

On page 264The Loughrea Decrees – Ormond Transplantees in the List of Transplanted Irish 1655-59. This list contains the apparent Ormond names among  ‘..the decrees given by the courts of Athlone and Loughrea for hearing claims, testing qualifications and issuing decrees for distribution of land to successful candidates, whose names and the acerages obtained are printed in HMC, Ormond MSS 2, 1899. pp. 114-76 – R.C.Simington, introduction to O’Hart, Landed Gentry, p. viii.

Listed is Murrogh Tierney Killconna (Kilconane, Lisbunny) Upper Ormond, 152 acres.

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 Useful Books and Magazines with Tierney Information.

‘Molua’, the Diocesan Magazine of Killaloe.

Linea Antiqua’ by O’Farrell, in the Nat. Lib. MSS.

Irish and Anglo Irish Landed Gentry’ by John O’Hart, Shannon 1968.

‘Irish Fiants’ being a reprint of PRONI report of the Deputy Keeper

‘The Making of Ireland and it’s Undoing’ (1908) by Alice Stafford-Green.

‘Irish history from Contemporary Sources, 1509-1610’ (1923) by Dr. Constantia Maxwell.

‘The Egmont Papers’ (for social standing of the Catholic gentry in the 15th and 16th centuries).

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 The Civil Survey 1654 Vol. 2 Co. Tipperary, for the Parish of Lisbony, Barony of Upper Ormond [page 257].

This shows that despite wars, confiscations and transplantations [the earliest form of ethnic cleansing which was devised by the English to make Ireland more English], the [O']Tierneys still survived and still held on to some of their property, albeit a well reduced portion

Proprietors names in 1640

Morogh Tierney

Of Kylquanane

And Daniel Kennedy

Of Ballintotta

of Lands

Kylquanane and


Three plds.


of Plantation Acres by Estimate

227 :00:00

Pfitable &ye Quality

200:00:00 arable

Meadow= 6

Pasture= 10

Bog&scrubby= 11 wood

 And here we have an exact location for the above property: -

"The said three plds. Are bounded on the East with the lands of Ballinlicky in this parish, on the South with the lands of Knockbrack and Kilkerry in the parish of Kilkerry, on the West with the lands of Knockaltane and on the North with the lands of Ballintotta, both in this parish.

The said Murrogh Tierney proprietor of one pld, one quarter and one eight part of a pld of ye said three plds. in fee by descent from ancestors

The said pproitors several pporcons of the sd lands are not distinguished by meares or bounds. Upon the sd lands stand two cabins."

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Irish Pedigrees

In ‘Irish Pedigrees’ by O’Hart Vol. 1, Page 482

David Lord Roche and Viscount Fermoy (d, 1492) surnamed “Moore” married Jane, daughter of Walter Bourke MacIachtar, and had five sons and a daughter Ellen who married James DeCourcy 13th Lord Kinsale. One of the five sons was Thomas whose descendant the late Rev George Tierney, Vicar of Stradbally would have been Lord Fermoy, had not the title been attained. The present title is a new creation and has no descent from the old title.

In ‘Irish Pedigrees’ by O’Hart Vol. 1, Page 482,

David Lord Roche and Viscount Fermoy (d, 1492) surnamed “Moore” married Jane, daughter of Walter Bourke MacIachtar, and had five sons and a daughter Ellen who married James DeCourcy 13th Lord Kinsale. One of the five sons was Thomas whose descendant the late Rev George Tierney, Vicar of Stradbally would have been Lord Fermoy, had not the title been attained. The present title is a new creation and has no descent from the old title.


Rider gives an account of ‘Mass Priests’ giving the names of ten in Ormond in 1622. Amongst these is Donnoh O’Tierna of Ballymacky. It further states that the ‘interteinour’ of Father O’Tierna of Ballymacky was probably Brian Magrath himself, though the record does not specifically say so. Brian Magrath was the son of Archbishop Miller Magrath.

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Irish Genealogist Vol. iv, Page 578

In the Irish Genealogist Vol. iv, Page 578 there is a "list of Popish Inhabitants of the half Barony of Ikerrin, Co. Tipperary, in 1750. This list is taken from the National Library MS. 8913:

Killea Parish       

Edmond & Anthony Tierney             10 acres

Templetohy Parish

Denis Tierny                                      1 acre

Pat. Tierny                                          1 acre

Barnane Parish

James Tierny                                     1 acre

Killavanough Parish

Denis Tierny                                      2 acres

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Any members who have any information/history/details about or concerning the Tierney name, its history, origins or any such information is asked to contact the Clann Eagraí. All information will be very gratefully received. It is most important that all of Tierney descent do their utmost to research the Family History.

If you have any information that you feel may be of interest or useful to the Clan’s research we should be very grateful to hear from you. Please write to:

Cahir Tierney, Naomh Antoine, 53 Ard Aoibhinn, Athenry, Co. Galway, Ireland.

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