Chaos Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay

by Conan Daly

Chaos Never Sleeps

Evil Wanted

Chaos Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a different way of playing the game, in which the roles are reversed - the Player Characters are on the side of Darkness and Chaos. Humans and civilisation are the enemies, and beastmen and their kin are allies. This game is much more challenging in that the Characters are the sworn enemies of the authorities, and the deep forests and mountains are safer to them than the towns and cities of humanity. PC's may find themselves on the run from the authorities, or with various bounty hunters, templar orders and witch hunters chasing them across the land, baying for their blood(allowing recurring plotlines throughout a campaign). It also allows characters to do things that would be extremely unlikely to do in normal WFRP - attacking farmsteads, killing merchants and upstanding members of the community, and generally hindering the cause of civilisation instead of helping it. Normal adventures can still be conducted, but the PC's will have to conceal any Chaotic attributes and mutations that they have to their employers. It can also allow much more elaborate campaigns to be conducted, such as PC's becoming involved in evil plots to overthrow empires, and daring raids by beastmen and goblin tribes on towns of the old world.


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Character Generation

Racial Characteristics
Starting Details
Fate Points
Chaotic Following
Mark of Chaos
Determining Career
New Careers

New Basic Careers
New Advanced Careers

Mortal Enemies & Pursuers

Gamesmaster's Section

New Alignments
Note on Mortal Enemies and Pursuers
Scenarios for Chaotic Adventurers
GM's Discretion & advised restrictions

Chaotic Appendix

The Powers of Chaos
Path of a Warrior of Chaos
Path of a Sorcerer of Chaos
Becoming a Daemon Prince
Becoming a Chaos Spawn
Chaos Rewards
Chaos Attributes
Chaos Magic
Chaos Weapons

Random Creature Table

Sample Campaign - Doom of Ruhsburg

Episode I - The Mansion of the Accursed Dead
Episode II - Caught!
Episode III - Sowing Terror
Episode IV - No Faith in Ulric
Episode V - Fall of the Prince