Looking for new social activities in pleasant company?

The Wednesday Club is a select social group which was founded in 1983 to provide social and cultural activities for its members, who are primarily widows and widowers over 55 years of age; however some separated and single persons are also members. The club meets on alternate Wednesdays throughout the year at a Southside Dublin venue and conducts its activities in a friendly atmosphere, with opportunities for discussion, suggestions and opinions from members. The practice at meetings is to have formal business transacted in the earlier part of the meeting, and afterwards members adjourn to the bar for chats and refreshments.


Social activities are arranged so that there is something of interest two or three times a week throughout the year. Members are not obliged to attend all such events, but experience has shown that the opportunity of participating in such events in good company is appreciated as against going on one's own or not going at all. The annual subscription is €40.

Elections are held annually to select officers as chairperson, secretary and treasurer. In addition, members are appointed to committees concerned with the operation of the club, e.g., the social committee organises the various social functions and draws up a monthly list of events and the membership committee regulates the admission of members.  All in all, the club provides the opportunity for its members to enjoy a wider social life.

Social Activities Include:

Visits to the Theatre
Bridge/Whist Games in members' homes
Occasional Trips Abroad
Occasional Nights out in a Hotel Lounge or Pub
Concerts at the NCH or other venues
Walks, Race going, Poker nights
Parties/Barbeques at members' houses
Day Trips by Coach to Places of Interest
Weekends or midweek breaks away
Dining out/weekly lunches in various pubs
This is a unique opportunity to make new friends, so why not drop us an email at: thewednesdayclub1@gmail.com and we can arrange to introduce you to the club.
The Wednesday Club is a non-commercial club.