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Folks, Please be aware that posting your email address to the outside world can invite SPAM or unwanted email - software programs scour the internet to collect valid email addresses so that they can send you invitations to gamble your money, find true love, clear your debt and other dubious services.  While the guestbook asks for your email address, it will not be displayed to normal viewers of the guestbook.  If you wish to make your contact details visible to the world, please include it in the body of the message - however, please do the following to avoid SPAM.

If your real email address is  please enter it as  "" or "joe123-AT-hotmail dot com" or "joe123 at hotmail dot com" , i.e. use some text that is obvious to humans but not to machines. 

Scurrilous, embarrassing, or slanderous postings will be removed.  It is NOT particularly smart to post derogatory messages in someone else's name.

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