Old Photos of Mohill!

Larger versions of the pictures are repeated below

Station Road ~1900

Main St. ~1910

Court House ~1890

Forge, Station Rd., ~1960s

Castle Gate

Station Road

Railway Station

Glebe St.

Upper Main St.

Lower Main St..

I recently came across the following two very old photos below in the National Library.  I've mangled these photos for the moment while I sort out copyright issues.

The Photo above (circa 1900) shows Station Road (looking towards the town) - Laitimers is in the centre - the Cossey is to the right, still with its thatched cottages.  I have a vague recollection of a massive stump being shifted from the ditch at the side of the Fire Station when it was being built.  Now I know why!

The photo above (circa 1910) shows Main Street, looking up the town.

The courthouse in Mohill, taken by Leland Lewis Duncan. Irish Picture Library, Davison & Associates
Duncan's sister Carrie married an Irish first cousin, James Slacke, of Annadale, Co. Leitrim, and during the 1880s and 1890s Duncan spent most of his summer holidays there. He took this collection of photographs between 1889 and 1894.

The picture above shows a carriage being moved around the train 17th May 1950.  Leogue's house is visible to the left of the railway gates. Photo H C Casserly.

The picture above shows Jimmy Gilmartin (right), Michael Gilmartin (working) and Baby Morris(?)(centre) in front of the forge at Station Road, Mohill.  Photo is courtesy Paty Gilmartin   I have very happy memories of calling in on the way home from school and sometimes being let pull on the bellows - delighted to get this photo.


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