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A table of conflicts in Ireland and associated significant events worldwide. Flag symbols indicate subjects already dealt with in this Fame of Tipperary Group website, on webpages reached via the Main Index Page accessed by clicking on the MAIN PAGE button at the top of this page. Other pages will be created and put on-line as this website is being researched and developed.

Irish foot and horse soldiers, "Kerns".

  1601 Spanish forces land at Kinsale to assist the Irish in their fight for independence and freedom. The forces of Hugh O'Neill, Earl of Tyrone, are defeated
  1603 English Law extended over the whole of Ireland for the first time
  1607 The Flight of the Earls. Fighting men of noble Irish families, including the Earls of Tyrone & Tyrconnell, go to the Continent and seek to join the armies of the crowned heads of Europe.
  1641 Outbreak of rebellion in Ireland's Northern Province of Ulster
  1649 English General Oliver Cromwell begins a miiltary campaign in Ireland. The towns of Waterford and Drogheda are beseiged.
1690 The Williamite Wars. The Dutch Protestant King William I of England defeats the army attempting to restore the Scottish Catholic King James Stuart to the thrones of England, Scotland and Ireland. Following the Irish defeat, many Irishmen went to Europe in a migration called The Flight of the Wild Geese.
1691 Town of Athlone captured by Williamite forces. Cities of Limerick and Galway captured. Jacobite Army defeated at Battle of Aughrim
  1794 The Dublin United Irishmen rebelled and were suppressed.
  1798 The United Irishmen mount another rebellion against English rule in Wexford.
  1838 The Tithe War in Ireland
  1845 Start of "An Giorta Mor" ("The Great Hunger") The Irish Famine. Mass emigrations from Ireland and general unrest in Ireland
  1848 A rising at Ballingarry in County Tipperary, Munster, where the Irish tricolour flag was raised for the first time.
  1853 The 3-year Crimean War is fought on the Crimea Penisular in the Southern Ukraine between the forces of Imperial Russia and the combined forces of Turkey, Sardinia, France and Britain. The British Forces included many Irish volunteers.
  1858 The Irish Republican Brotherhood established in Dublin
  1859 The Fenian movement is inugurated in America
  1860 The American War of Independence War begins. Men of Irish descent fight on both sides.
  1865 End of the American Civil War
  1867 The first Fenian Uprising in Ireland. Returned Irish-American Militiamen use their experience gained fighting in The Americal Civil War to fight for Irish freedom.
  1879 Purpose-built military garrison barracks opened in Tipperary Town
  1879 The Land War & Formation of The Land Ireland
  1899 The Boer War in South Africa. Many Irishmen serve in British Regiments
  1900 The Boxer Rebellion against foreign interests in China. Irishmen fight as volunteers in British regiments.
  1912 Music-hall song "It's a Long Way to Tipperary" composed by Jack Judge, and taken up as a favourite by The Connaught Rangers in England.
  1913 Founding of the Irish Citizen Army and The Irish Volunteers
1914 Outbreak of World War I in Europe. Around 25,000 Irishmen take part in this conflict, and about 50,000 die.
1916 The Easter Rising in Dublin, and the brief Irish War of Independence begins
1918 End of World War I
1919-1921 Irish Civil War
  1922 Irish Free State created.
  1923 Ireland joins The League of Nations
  1936 Start of the 3-year Spanish Civil War in Europe
  1939 Start of the 6-year Second World War. The Irish State remains neutral
  1942 American troops, including some Irish-Americans, are stationed in Northern Ireland.
  1945 End of the Second World War, in which Irishmen volunteered and fought in the Allied Forces.
  1948 Foundation of the Irish Republic
  1950 Start of the 3-year war between North & South Korea
1958 Irish Army officers first serve with the forces of The United Nations
1959 Start of the war in Vietnam between the Viet Cong and the Vietnamese Government
  1973 United States troops finally withdraw from Vietnam
  1999 Irish troops on peacekeeping duties for The United Nations in Kosovo
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