My Ultimate Star Trek Quiz

Think you know all on Star Trek?

Try these tricky questions and e-mail me with your answers.

1. Who is the science officer on the DS9?

2. What class of ship is the Enterprise D?

3. To what age do the Ocampa live to?

4. Who is Tuvok married to?

5.Who is Curzon?

6. How many people has Major Kira dated?

7. What is the maxiam speed in a runabout?

8.What is a Klingon phaser called?

9.What race is Neelix?

10.Who is Worf 's real father?

11.Who is the leader of the Klingon empire?

12.What Gods are worshiped by the Bajoran?

13.What race is Morn?

14.What is Worf's favourite beverage?

15.What is the name of the Cardassian on DS9 who owns a tailer shop?


E-mail me with your answers

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