Club  Development Plans 2003

Over the next three years we plan to redevelop and refurbish our present playing pitch.  This pitch hosted its first game back in 1984.  Since then it has been in constant use with as many as three teams either training or playing on it each day.  It has served our club well.

We intend to develop our pitch into An All Weather Pitch over the next two years. During this period of redevelopment we will rent a nearby field to use for training purposes.  Eventually we hope to flood light our pitch so that matches and training can be take place at any time.

The estimated cost of this is approximately €300,000.00 and €200,000.00 of this will have to be borrowed with repayments of €1,800 per month over the next ten years.  Lotto funding and Sports and Recreation Grants are being applied for and we are very hopeful that these will provide the remaining €100,000.

We feel that it is imperative to refurbish our facilities NOW.  While the Pitch has served us well it has deteriorated considerably over the years with our increased volume of activity. When compared to facilities elsewhere in the county we are lagging behind.  Also at the present time there are government grants available to help defray costs.

Tourlestrane has always been one of  the top clubs in the county and we are widely recognised for our achievements over the years at all grades of Gaelic Football and Hurling as well as, Ladies Football over the last number of years. We are particularly proud of the role our players have played at County level particularly over the last two years where the fortunes of our senior team has soared. An experience we all enjoyed.

The future of our club is Our Young Players and in order to ensure that we can continue to grow we need to provide facilities of the highest standard for our youngsters from U-8 to Senior in both boys and girls.  In to-days world  with so many other attractions available, it is of paramount importance that we look after our youth and keep them involved  in the healthy activity of patrticipating in Gaelic Games.

Help us to build for the future by supporting
our new fundraising scheme.

Tourlestrane G.A.A.
Lottery Syndicate

Syndicate Rules

1. The Syndicate shall commence on a date notified by the Syndicate Committee.

2. For each draw of the National Lottery, presently twice weekly, the Syndicate will purchase a maximum of 250 lines (or proportionately less if the membership is less) at the cost of €1 per line.  The numbers selected in each line will be as set out at Rule 3 following.

3. Each syndicate member may select their preferred line of 6 numbers. Unless that preferred line of numbers is already selected, it will be included as one of the lines to be purchased in each draw.  Where a members preferred  line is already selected the member's second choice shall be included or if the member does not submit any choice of preferred numbers, the Lottery Syndicate Committee will choose the numbers for that member.

4. Each member of the syndicate will be informed of the list of numbers to be purchased for each National Lottery Draw for the duration of the syndicate and will be given a list of all numbers and informed of any change to be made in those numbers (if any) at any time during the duration of the syndicate.

5. All winnings of the Syndicate will be accumulated in a separate bank account, to be advised to you before the syndicate commencement date.  The winnings with any interest earned thereon since the date of placement in the bank, shall be divided equally among all the qualifying members and thereon since the date of placement in the Bank, shall be divided equally among all the qualifying members and distributed not later than two weeks after the date of the final draw of the syndicate year.  For the avoidance of doubt all winnings shall be the winnings of the entire syndicate and are not personal to any individual member of the syndicate.

6. To qualify for membership of the Syndicate a Member must pay one annual subscription of €260.00 not later than one week prior to the commencement of the syndicate or sign a Bank Direct Debit in accordance with the attached Standing Order to discharge their subscription by monthly or quarterly payments.

7. It is expressly agreed that any balance of money remaining after deduction for the subscriptions of the amount required to purchase the lines in the National Lottery Draw shall become the sole property of Tourlestrane GAA Club by way of a charge for the management and operation of the syndicate.

8. If a member misses two consecutive monthly payments or delays a quarterly payment by more than one month, his/her membership will be deemed to have lapsed and he/she will not be a qualifying member for  the payment of the syndicate winnings.

9. To be a qualifying member for payment of any winnings, a syndicate member must
(a) remain in the syndicate for the full period of one year.
(b) be a fully paid up member at the date of the first draw.

10. Tourlestrane GAA Club reserves the right o amend any of the rules of the lottery syndicate.

11. The Lottery Syndicate will be operated solely by Tourlestrane GAA Club.

12. In the unfortunate event of the death of the syndicate member, all winnings due to that member will be paid in full to her/her next of kin, on the due date for payment in respect of the period for which the deceased member has paid his subscriptions.

13. The selected numbers for each syndicate member shall be entered in the main Lotto Draw only and not in any additional draws run by the National Lottery.

14. Tourlestrane GAA Club, it's members or officers accept no liability to any syndicate member for any losses which may be incurred by any syndicate member as a result of the omission of some preferred lines being submitted or entered in the weekly lotto draw or for any other reason whatsoever.  The Tourlestrane GAA Club will use it's best endeavours to ensure that all preferred lines as selected by syndicate members will be entered in the weekly Lotto Draw in accordance with the terms of this agreement but will not be responsible in the event that for whatever reason some preferred lines are inadvertently omitted.

15. This Syndicate is a Private Members Syndicate and every syndicate member on payment of their subscription shall become a member of Tourlestrane GAA Club.


                                   Target date for first draw is Wednesday January 1st 2003

I wish to join the above syndicate and  agree to abide by the above Syndicate Rules.

Name ________________________________
Address _______________________________
Tel. No. _______________________________

My first selection of six numbers between 1 and 42 is as follows:
(   ) (   ) (   ) (   ) (   ) (   )

            My second selection (if  needed)of six numbers between 1 and 42 is as follows:
(   ) (   ) (   ) (   ) (   ) (   )

Method of Payment:

(a)  Yearly  €260
Cheques to be made payable to TOURLESTRANE G.A.A. LOTTERY SYNDICATE and posted with above details to:

                                            Mr Austin Walsh
                                            Tourlestrane G.A.A. Lottery Syndicate,
                                            Co Sligo


(b) Bank Standing Order        €21.67 montly   or   €65 quarterly

Please print the following deduction form and forward to your bank. Post lottery details to treasurer as outlined above.

Tourlestrane G.A.A. Club Standing Order

Date : ________________________

To the Manager ___________________________Bank/Building Society
Address ___________________________________________________

I/We hereby authorise and request you to debit my/our:

Account Type: ___________________ Account No. ________________

With the sum of €____________________________

Amount in words _________________________________________

And to credit (account name) Tourlestrane GAA Club

Account No. 28150102

Payee Ref. No.

Bank/Branch : AIB Bank, Tubbercurry

Sort Code : 93 72 74

Frequency: Monthly/Quarterly  (Delete as appropriate)

Start Date: _____________________ Until further notice in writing.

It shall be understood that the Bank shall not be under any liability for damage or loss caused by any omission to make these payments.

Please allow 5 working days notice prior to first payment.

Name/Account Title (block capitals) ____________________________

Signature/s: __________________________


Thank you for your interest.
Up Tourlestrane !! Up Sligo !!