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Hughie Quinn
Annagh, Tourlestrane

Brilliant scientist awarded patent

Hubert M. Quinn, President and C.E.O. of Cohesive Biotechnologies Company Ltd., of Acton, Massachusetts, has just been awarded an inventor patent for high performance Chromatography method and apparatus by the United States Patent Office. Hubert comes from Annagh, Tourlestrane, Co. Sligo. He is a past pupil of Banada National School, which he attended from 1958 to 1964. In Easter Week, 1964, he sat for a county scholarship in Sligo and was successful in gaining top place and marks. He was a great athlete and footballer and was sadly missed from the Banada Boys team when he left for St. Nathy's Diocesan College, Ballaghaderreen. For the next five years he was to distinguish himself in the classroom and on the playing fields on Connaught. After leaving St. Nathy's, he attended University College Dublin, where he gained his degree in physics and chemistry. On getting his degree, he set out for America where he was to follow up his studies at university level and spend fifteen years in research and development in his chosen field. Hubert's company is an innovator in the field of discovery. The last twenty years ushered in the age of communications, of which we are all so well aware of at present. Biotechnology is on the threshold of great breakthroughs and the next decade or so will see unparalleled strides in this field. Hubert's company is such as makes this progress possible. He is ushering in new technology which will make it possible for Biopharmaceutical firms to accelerate products without sacrificing quality and satisfy customer and market demands. The company's patented proven technology, known as 'Wave Chemistry' allows for the unprecedented control over particle size and surface chemistry enabling scientists and manufacturers to reduce time and cost associated with Biopharmaceuticals. Banada and Tourlestrane communities congratulate Hubert on his magnificent achievements in the fields of science and technology. Time, patience and continued endeavour has taken Hubert to pioneer the frontiers of scientific research and we wish him continued success in the years