Lifestyle and Ageing


Age and History


 Stay young, stay healthy, but how old can people really get?


People who are born healthy can grow very old and still remain in good health. Most of them will, however, die long before their potential Biological Old Age is reached.


Why ? Perhaps the past can help to explain this, let's take a look into some aspects of our history and then you can make up your own mind!



One of the oldest books we can use is the Bible. If you look at The Old Testament , you will find that Adam and his six children lived for more than nine hundred years.

Methuselah is documented as a nine hundred ninety-six year old while

Lamech was seven hundred seventy-seven years old and his first son reached the age of one hundred and seventy eight years old. Noah lived for over nine hundred years, he was for six hundred years old living on the Ark. Moses died at the age of one hundred and twenty years.


Most scientists dispute these claims and one of them, C. Edward Burtis however, had to admit after a life long study that the age mentioned for Moses was correct. These great ages were partly made possible  because of their life style and a special diet, which to be enforced rigidly.
















The Sumerians, living in the same area, are another society who left us with a lot of records, this time in the form of baked clay documents. They recorded most of the Reign of the different Kings in the area and when we look at a selection of them we find:



Dynasty     Name    No. of  Kings    Reign                              Average  Rule


First            Kisj           23           24510 years                              1065 years


Second       Kisj             8             3195 years                                399 years


Third           Kisj            1               100 years                                100 years


Fourth         Kisj            7                 97 years                                  14 years  *


First            Uruk          12            2310 years                                 192 years


Second       Uruk            3              480 years                                 160 years







* The rule by kings stops at this point and power is transferred to the temple of Eanna at Uruk where the son of the high priest ruled for 324 years.





The old people (ancient) explained the decrease  of the life span in the following terms:



The spiritual and mental world is not subject to Time and can therefore exist indefinitely-forever. The more cynical ones of the old ones (ancients) associated  Time with what they would call Corruption and Destruction!


Expansion of consciousness and awareness could reduce the effects of time in the material world and expand the maximum lifespan, a process we call Transcendation. Materialism reduces the lifespan.


The existence  of material is limited. Time factor.

When you look at the stars you can see what is happening. New worlds are born every day while other die out. Our Earth and our Sun have only a limited period of existence!

There is no universal law which will survive Time. The scientists are searching in the wrong direction. But even if you look at the material world, the value of there discoveries seems to be limited.  For every problem they solve they create two or three new ones. Nor can they be trusted.  When some scientist did warn about the health risk of smoking they where severely attacked by the cigarette producing companies. The companies came with there own reports draw-up by other scientist to dispute these claims. Keeping the fire going for dozen’s of years. Finally they had to submit that it could be dangerous. But in general many companies and even de State do not hesitate to abuse science to promote there cause. Some scientists have no problem with this. Getting themselves involved as long as the money is all right.

To establish the value of their axiom’s you only have to look at the past and compare with the present. Their claims then made and now. Most claims do not last for more than 50 years. 


This is one of the reasons why Buddha called the material world an illusion. Despite its powerful manifestation, its glamour and glitter it is all in vain. But there is another reason; the material world is empty, has no inside, it cannot make one single soul really happy!







Life-extension and caloric restrictions.


To these ancient people not only the choice and preparation of food was important but also the rejuvenation of the body, which was achieved by food restriction. This was later incorporated by all major religions as fasting.


This form of caloric restriction, combined with meditation, would have the same effect as caloric restriction.


The main beneficial aspect of this system was that the period of caloric restriction was limited to a maximum of six weeks a year instead of being permanent. During this period people were asked to reflect on their way of life, their behavior towards others, and to meditate and pray. At the end of the fasting period there would be a big celebration with the sharing of food and goods with friends and de poor.


Artificial Rejuvenation


There is a big difference between fasting and the artificial rejuvenation of the body.


When it became clear that the maximum lifespan was decreasing rapidly, people and their rulers started to look for other ways to extend life.


As far as we know, the Sumerian kings went to the temple and had to undergo a severe regime of food restriction with no solid foods, only lots of special vegetable juices. To help the king get through this difficult period they used special sedatives, resting him on a  bench in the form of an cross in a quiet room without light. The food restriction would last until most organs were reduced or nearly gone. The liver for example was reduced to approximately 10 % of its normal size. The process was so severe that halfway during his treatment all parasites, such as  worms, would leave his body, like rats do, before a ship goes down. Needless to say that such a procedure is not without risks and takes a lot of knowledge!

For this reason only, royalty and high priest would be treated in this way.


Fasting, and a simple way of living, were the guidelines for the common people and they too could greatly benefit from it.


Every important religion incorporated these guidelines for the benefit of their followers.


In modern times there is a big difference. People now are stimulated to consume, consume, and consume... the more the better! At least that is what the big corporations and some governments are trying to get us to believe.




The state of our health is not dependent on food alone. Many people now believe that the true causes of many diseases and premature death are created by:


      . Poor /faulty nutrition

      . Pollution

      . Stress

      . Addiction

      . Lack of exercise


When we do go back to the people of ancient times their priority list has some similarities but also significant differences:


       . Proper and balanced food

       . Proper internal communication

       . Regular fasting




It stresses the importance of mental and spiritual development, of personal development and growth. The aim is to be at peace with yourself. They would say that a healthy mind could cure a sick body. The mind was regarded as being just as important as the physical body. For that reason you should not overstress the body, rush around or do too many things at the same time. It is right to say "no" if necessary and very important to take proper rests.


They had no place for what we so proudly call the 24-hour economy, no overwhelming demands for immediacy. Stress and pollution were lacking because they were non-existent. Life was in harmony with nature. Nature the provider and man the collector or harvester.


                                   Prevention not healing

                                     Food as Medicine



Good nutrition help you to stay healthy and can even cure you from certain ailments.


Hippocrates, who is called the “Father of Medicine”, is often quoted for his well-known statement:


“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”.


The people of ancient times did know more about it then we do now and used their knowledge wisely!


Health is simple ! You give the body what it really needs and it will be healthy or, if necessary, it will even heal itself.

This process is called Orthomolecular Nutrition and its importance can be seen from the fact that Linus Pauling was twice awarded a Nobel Prize for studies in this field.

However, to be effective this process can only operate when food is of natural origin and not contaminated by weed killers, insecticide hormones, preservatives or GMO modifications.




Each culture has its own thought about disease, and perception of healing.

The Chinese medicine is probably the oldest surviving system of healing we do know today. At the basis are the believes that there are interrelating energy fields within your body that can or need to be adjusted at some time. They assign great importance to herbs, diets and acupuncture with different exercises like tai chi.

Other non-Western healers will try to strengthen the immune system. Look  for disharmony. Harmony among people and between people. Others will indicate illness as a warning, a signal. That you are doing something wrong! You must stop and change. That can be more than just a behavior, but also a thought or a feeling. The healer will try to assist you in your search for answers, to find out what is the cause, so it can it be change or corrected. Healing is almost wholly in the hands of the sick  person.


These healers although they have different names in different cultures have something in common. ‘ The believe that healing is an intrinsic capacity of human beings’.



In the West we believe that illness is the result of an assault, an attack from outside the body, usually by micro-organisms. That the assisting in healing must be done by a expert, a well paid professional. No layman should come near a patient. That all other forms are quackery and are not to be tolerated; they must be rooted out, destroyed. Both doctors and many patients believe that healing normally will be the result of the use of drugs. Stimulating the body responses to the illness had a low priority. This arrogant insistence on knowing what is best, has eradicated most of the ancient knowledge and wisdom in the West. The discovery of bacteria and antibiotic medicine like penicillin lead them to believe that they eventually would be able to cure most of the common diseases and illness. They would turn the world into a better place. Free from illness and disease.

During that time of optimism they seized the  initiative and got a law prohibiting all other  forms of healing.( Quackery)

Many of the bacteria, viruses and micro-organism are still here. Resistant to many of the modern medicines. Now they have to fight a lifelong battle against these adjusting and changing micro-organism. The believe that they could eradicate many of the existing disease proved wrong too. Not only that ,but several new bacteria, viruses and diseases developed since.


Why Food?


Food provides us with the energy we need to be able to move, collect and digest more food; to communicate, work, think, to maintain and regulating our body temperature and so on. Most of this energy becomes available during the breakdown of cells containing sugar , fat, or alcohol that have primarily a Caloric function. During fasting this type of nutrient are limited but not the other vital nutrients like proteins and minerals, vitamins etc.


The cells, which make up our body, do not live long. Our body has to replace them at least once within every seven years, depending on their type or the function they perform. Our body seems to stay the same, nor do we feel different,  yet this replacement process goes on every day!




Proper digestion must prepare these cells for integration into the existing body structure. This is a  complex and difficult process. You need proteins from healthy cells that are biologically active, as well as other building blocks, such as  bio-minerals and  vitamins in sufficient amounts. Fresh and uncooked vegetables contain lots of suitable cells which can provide those building blocks.

Only vegetable juices were used during the artificial rejuvenation process we described earlier.


In cooking your food, most of the cells get damaged. Even if you eat enough, there might be a shortage of suitable cells. The same happens to food stored cold. The process of decay will be slowed but not stopped.

If there is a shortage of suitable cells or insufficient quality due to damage, poisons, genetic manipulations these building blocs will become part of your body and will lead to what is called the degradation of your body… aging!



  The Circle of life.

Everything nature produces can be broken down by small microorganisms to a size were it can be re-used again, the so-called cycle of life and dead. A closed ecosystem.  Nothing is wasted and every thing will be re-used again. For that reason the old Celtic people placed a circle around the center of the crosses on their graves.



Man-made substances/products


In our haste to create a world entirely based on the artificial-that means man-made things, we have thrown away much that is part of our heritage. Only the memories of a kinder, gentler world are left now.





When you walk home, go into the park, visit the beach, do diving, you will see litter everywhere, yet what you see is only a small part of the total amount of waste surrounding you. Most of the chemicals and other substances cannot be seen. The bottom of most rivers is now so badly contaminated with poisons, like heavy metals, that the soil has to be decontaminated before some other use can be found for it.


The lifecycle of man-made products differs from natural products. It lifetime cycle is normally much longer and that is why it is left behind in our environment.


Sometimes you can smell such pollution, or it will cause a reaction such as burning skin or irritation of the lungs for example. Because the litter is man- made, nature is not capable to handle it properly. Eventually it will disappear, but only after a very long time.



Food too can be contaminated with different man-made substances such as weed killers, hormones, insecticides and preservatives or GM manipulated.

During the replacement of your body cells these contaminants can get incorporated in your body because cell replacement is a continuing process-within every seven years all of your body’s cells will be replaced.


The newly formed contaminated body cells within your body will behave differently and have a different life-cycle. Your body becomes a kind of ‘”waste dump”. Despite all the progress made at medical level, the numbers of people becoming sick or suffering from  allergies like asthma, etc are on the increase.


The amount of money and people needed to keep the healthcare system functioning will keep increasing too..

You may get sick and eventually die, not because of some genetic defect, but because of the environment you live in and the food you eat. The price you have to pay for living is called  “a man-created environment or city”.



To make things even worse the body, in trying to cope with this mess, starts to change the genetic code needed to guide these processes. There is a chance that your children might inherit these changed codes from you.

By divorcing ourselves from Nature we have also removed ourselves from a source of wisdom that is a integrated part of Nature. A human future more in line with all that What is. The wisdom and knowledge as result of living.


Nostradamus the famous prophet, predicted a period in human existence were the health system collapses and the people are left on the streets to die. Most experts expect it to be somewhere in India or Africa. But it could also be in the West. The way we manage to pollute our environment is shocking and on a scale never seen before, and we continue to do it despite the fact that the signs of disaster are already visible.




Big Business.


One of the reasons that man-made products are used so widely is because of the big returns that can be gained from them.


 The profit to be made on natural products is limited because you cannot patent them or claim exclusivity. Furthermore, it is difficult to control and to dominate the production which in turn limits your potential profit.


Another reason why many man-made products are cheap is because the by-product and waste are discarded into the water or the air or buried on the land with little or no cost. The manufactured product or substance get dumped too, often long before it is at the end of its life cycle.



An other misconception is that a lot of people think that our resources are the rewards of, our efforts, our productivity. We owe our productivity on earth for the greater part on the availability of  resources like oil. These resources are formed over millions of years in the  earth crush. We are no part of this process. We are only the users. Burning the oil in quantities much larger than the earth can ever produce will eventually lead too  an upset of the ecosystem.(destruction.) We are squandering it, this will effect our future in a negative way. We might not like it but we are still part of that ecosystem. Earth resources should be used wisely, and we should not use more than can be replaced.


Other very important beneficiaries of this practice are governments through their ability to control these processes and takes a substantial part out of it in taxes. Their slogan would seem to be: "More, more, and more !'Or more precisely, " Consume, consume and consume!





In our rush to create man-made products, we forgot to use the riches of the earth that are freely available all around us.

If you plant one maize corn in your garden and look after it a bit you may harvest 200 to 300 of them 3 months later. Simple.

Since there is not enough money to be made by the big corporations out of this natural process they will try to replace it with a so-called better one, or better still a GMO version with a patent on it. Than they will try to live on the royalties they can charge and using their developing dominance to exclude other or similar products. One way to make sure that there is no real choice is by controlling what is on offer at the markets.


Because the discussion of what is a healthy diet is difficult and complex, most people are understandably confused. There is so much conflicting advice that most people have given up on this subject. This leaves room for manipulation and makes it  easy to mislead them.


However, there is another, smaller group who do regard this issue as very important.

They want all food properly labeled and the source of production traceable. Many of these people also do not want to buy and consume GMO food. The industry knows this but tries to circumvent it by introducing such products in a stealthy manner. Despite the fortunes spend on promotion many people are still not convinced of the merits of GMO food products and opposition continues to grow.


One option for the food industry is to attempt to introduce such products without informing the user and some companies have already done so. To do this successfully companies need government backing and are succeeding. Because there are close relationships between many governments and big businesses. It can be sickening to see how governments, politicians, even presidents bend over backwards to please big businesses.


Now let me take you 2000 year back and visit Rome and the Roman Empire.


Rome was known as the city of water. They used up to 1,000,000,000.- liter of water a day. The water would reach the city through channels and pipelines. Transported from the mountains to the city. There were no pumps, no electricity. By using nature in a clever way they did succeed.

From what we know now and it is well documented, an average laborer/builder had to work 36 hours a day/5 days a week in the summer and 26 hours a week in the winter. Enough to live relatively comfortable. There was so much leisure time available that the government organized lots of festivities to keep everyone busy,  quite a job in these days. For the poor there were free handouts of food and clothes. You could sleep wherever you could find a sheltered place.



Food and Money.


There is a connection between food and money as far as the Western world is concerned.


If you ask your neighbors what he considers to be the most precious thing in his live he probably will say his family and good health.



In practical terms this is not true. It is making money. He works to get it, even thinks and worry at night about it. Not without reason. If God is love, than love is money in our world. Without money you cannot survive. No food, no drinks, no place to sleep, you get abused, threatened, arrested, jailed or worse.


People do not mind working because they want to make a contribution to the group, family and society.


Now days however most people spend their day working to the enrichment of other persons, corporations and the State.


To keep them working under these circumstances and so little benefits for themselves you have to put pressure on them to keep going. Working under these circumstances is no fun. Wearing and frustrating. You have to push them.

That is done by making sure that they have to pay for everything they use and need with money. To get money they have to work, but not only for themselves but others as well.

Make sure you do not pay too much because they might save and stop working. Get them into debts. To motivate set examples, tell them about the people who manage to make it. No need to work anymore. Tell them that everyone can do it. The only thing you have to do is work a little harder. Tell them that they are far better of living and working here than within other cultures/systems.


Second; not only control and limit the amount of money they can possible earn, but control there time. Make them live in time:

 an agenda ,  schedules, make appointments , use targets, affect their bio-rhythm ,set times to eat, time to rest, time to go to bed, time to get up. Stimulate them to make all sort of plans, let them think about the future. Just keep them busy, preferably running. Thinking, planning, deciding, choosing, analyzing. Do not give them time to wonder,  daydream, too be free in the true sense.


To do so effectively you have to create a structure that requires certain activities and prohibits others. Carrot en stick approach. There are several ways in which you can organize such a structure.

A perfect structure for this purpose, and the one most used in the West,  is what some call ‘an  expert structure’.


Anyone who does anything needs training, a license, a diploma, degree etc. The result is that every-one is powerless, except for the narrow slice of the world that he or she knows. Make certain that there is hardly anything they can do, or are allowed to do for themselves. Make them believe that everything is so complex and difficult to manage in this world that they  require an expert to help. Experts for every possible aspect of life. In most libraries you will find books written about statements made by well qualified expert in the past and compared with what we know now. Most people get a laughter out of it. Now it is easy to prove them wrong, but the fact is that they presented themselves as important experts, made a lot of money but had not a clue.

Anyway within the expert system it is important to keep the people believe that they must ask for expert advice for everything they do. Indoctrinate them. Under these circumstances they are easy to manipulate and control. Ad the end they might even thank you for it. 

Of course, now and then however some will look trough this facade. It is therefore very important to tell them and keep telling them that this world is the only true reality, that other people, other cultures are backward, underdeveloped, and so on. By judging others as less you can create artificial  barriers. Because the others are backward or odd it does not make sense to try and learn from them. The oldest trick in the world and highly effective.

When you speak to most of the Americans nowadays  they give you an uneasy feeling.

You sense little thinking but lots of emotions. Anger, resentment, aggression.



There society is the best, the future. They are great, are doing well. Have god’s blessing as ultimate proof.


The abuse of God’s name in this respect is another age-old practice. God never contradicts. In most cases to cover for intolerance and  objection to other ways of organizing , other ways of being, being human. Unwilling to accept that others may value different things. What is good for the USA is good for others. The USA life is by far better than anything else.


The superiority of the Western civilization and values. Not only intolerant, arrogant but also stupid. During our history there have been many great civilizations/powers. They are ruled by cycles just like anything else. The come and go. One important lesson from the past is,  that in many cases arrogance one of the reasons for their demise. Climatic changes are another important one. No society is able to dominate the world or area permanently. What goes up comes down and many people use  the Gauss distribution for de predictions in this respect. Establishing the timeline is the most difficult aspect op the projection.  The USA is now at its peak as far as I can read it and will gradually loose momentum. Its vulnerability, its economic. This terror thing a relative minor aspect of it.

After the war when gold was replaced by dollars the economic upturn or hegemony was established. The USA benefited greatly from it. Now the trust in the dollar is waning. To much politics and to little of banking. There are simple to many dollars around. Here to the market law will prevail.



Friends of us were visiting Bali. There were not too many tourists due to the then recent bomb blasts. When they went sightseeing the hotel would allocate a car with driver. One of the questions they would asked the driver his your profession? Most of them proved to be students .Next question, what kind of study and what would you like to do with your life. Despite different kind of courses they all would like to become manager at a big company. Motivation, lots of easy money and privileges and no real work.


Another aspect many people are unaware of is that, money is addictive just like  coke, heroin, or crack and some people will never get enough of it. Because it is so addictive a lot of people are prepared to cheat, lie, manipulate, betray, and some of them are even prepared to kill for it.


In general, money affects the relations between people in a very negative way because it  builds on exploitation instead of respect and love. It hardens society, increases aggression and leads to violence. The first thing Christ did when he entered the synagogue was kicking out the traders/businesses. In these days maximal wage differences should not exceed that of a trades man by more than a factor four. Now  up to  several thousands is not uncommon. Christ stated that the change for these people to reach heaven was smaller than the recovery from a needle out of a hay stack.


People are not born to be exploited, but to learn, have fun, make meaningful contributions to other people's lives, to explore, and develop themselves. Development into becoming better persons. You can not, nor should you try to abuse these fundamental rights, as fellow humans for your own purposes, to let them do your work for example.


And nobody, absolutely nobody has the right to poison air, water, land or the sea for profits. These things are our heritage and they belong to us all.


The State as artificial life form.



There have been a lot of discussions about artificial intelligence of machines/computers. What many people do not realize is that they have created an artificial life form already.




The modern State.


Most people agree with a definition of life as being a structure with the ability to stay stabile by adding and rejecting parts of itself and replacing them by similar parts out of its environment. Like any other creature, man, animal or plant its first priority is to stay alive. Stability is another. That is exactly what a modern State is doing.

Taking care of itself as first priority. Using different means like legislation, police and army, civil servants , licensing activities or prohibiting others, extensive penal systems, tax systems. The control  of essential necessities like food and water. Spying , registration and documenting every aspect of human life,  the right to kill humans, start wars, and inflict  punishment. Its structure is in many ways similar as that of man. Like other would milk a goat.




People/humans can project feelings and emotions outwards, and by combining these with ambition developed the State.(Exteriosation) Because the State started as a projection of human thought and aspiration it works similar as our body. Transport (blood), factories (liver), waste disposal (kidney), State (Brains) Police (wit blood cells) etc, etc.  We are told that the State is for the benefit of the people. The modern State is not. Because of the needed stability they have to take into account their building blocs, humans. It is however impossible in practical terms to topple a modern State from inside.

If you look at the State as a living entity it is much easier to understand the behavior. The behavior has nothing to do with logic, nor human rights, democracy  or the rule of  law.

It is a myth. A mix-up, it limits real freedom and increases  choosing.


Increasing  material possessions (goods) and degrading of spiritual values. Because I have a choice as far as clothing  is concerned does not prove that I am free in other more fundamental aspects.

Take the USA for example:

In the hospitals doctors spend endless resources to extend the lifespan of and individual for a day, a week, a year. At the military factory, endless resources are used to build and  send killing machines to targets mostly located in the low tech world. To kill people or groups of people who are considered to be an enemy of the State. No body really knows if this assumption is right and most of the real victims are only common people, families.

If you ask  the USA military how many civilians they did kill in Iraq, no answer or, we do not count civilians.

In the underground in New York a mother of two children, a parent alone  is returning home. She is very tired. She has two jobs to have enough money to raise her two daughters. Despite her two jobs and long working days she is unable to make ends meet.


After the War against drugs we got the War against terrorism, and the next one a War against Humanity. None of them can be won. The use of the word War is not correct. It is normally used for conflicts between States. This way  it looks more important and impressive. The symptoms can best be compared with the illness as we know as humans. Like a heart disease or cancer. They are responses to abuse of power by unhealthy organized State and State aggression .Reduction of human capability to resist state incited  force and violence. Like in human life there are healthy ways of living and very unhealthy ones. If you smoke for example the chance that you get long cancer increases. A Buddhist would call it bad karma. Violence creates violence according to Christ. Others would say; you get what you are asking for. The Bush administration did exploits cleverly what did happen on the 11 September in New York. The numbers of terrorists exploded after the invasion of Iraq and is spreading. Both help each other and will need each other in the future. Nothing new here too.




The more you read about stone-age people, like Bushmen, Eskimos or Aboriginals, you will find that most Authors describe them as: peace loving, nonviolent, non aggressive. Their lack of  elaborated hierarchies of power.

 Surviving because they live in dense and inexcusable jungle, arid deserts, artic region. Fiercely independent. The last real free people on the earth. Free in the true sense. The last free Americans were Indians. They are no more.

Aggression and violence seems to be a by-product of civilization. Every rule ,every law means restricting somebody somewhere.

We differ with the free people of the world in perception of reality. We perceive reality through many  layers of learned concepts . Our way to catch and understand the world. Training and learning are key words. Repeating is a important part of learning.

Their is an other way of learning, the natural on, the knowing from inside. To do that you have to stop thinking, planning, deciding, analyzing. As result perception of things changes.


These people live within direct reality, the only way you can survive in this type of environment. For us it is hard to think of a world where you do not need anything, have plenty of time, food just to be found. Experiencing things without the need to understand, to name or judge.

The main difference between them and us the  experience of what is real.





Freedom and Choice.



It is important to understand the difference between freedom and choice.

Choosing has become a integral part of Western life.



We have to make choices all the time. What will I wear, what will I eat.


A job, a lawyer, a political party, counsel, housing etc. Choosing is often left to experts and normally time proves them wrong. Politicians stumble backwards into the future according to Mc Luhan. He studied relations between what he called the medium and the message. Were the message becomes the medium.

Similar is what we called exteriosation outward projection of human thought and feeling and the inward projection called interiosiation.

Politician are always on the lookout for ways to present themselves and using the media for this respect. Even buying time (prime-time) Most of the money need they will get from big businesses. To keep the story short they distinguish themselves by a lot of noise, little substance (slogans), little of no value, after they have made the promised changes you are worse off, and as far as the future is concerned no vision. They live in the past.

Back to Freedom.

Freedom is much more than every days choosing.


The choose you make regarding the color of your lipstick is nice but not fundamental. Too many choices will distract you from the more important ones. The choosing we do in the Western world is focused on what is the material- and the artificial world.. Freedom however has to do with ability to live as a real human even outside society and the spiritual part of humans is more important then the material one. To be free of exploitation, or  victim of greed, the acceptance of different ways of being and different values. To develop, move around freely, real privacy etc.





It would help if we would stop trying to prove/sell that  Western civilization is the  pinnacle  of  human achievements.


The best future. It is a lie. If you look back in history, no nation nor any group has caused so much damage to the environment, to the earth, depleted more of the natural recourses than ever ,terminated more plants and animals than as result of systems introduces by Western civilization.

Nor has their been a slaughter or bloodshed of humans on a scale as ever before.

The introduction of non-combatants. Savage and brutal way of treating people. Locking people in cages without any trial. Systematically degrading of humans, blindfolding, chained, their privacy, shelter, expose them to other humans in a humiliating way, interrogated (brainwashing), the use of dogs to scare them, the use of drugs etc. Savage, brutal and degrading. No civil nation should behave in such manner.






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