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  Mixture of Seaweed herbs.


Your lifestyle and dietary choices make an enormous difference to your lifespan and to your quality of life in later years. A good diet will help to keep healthy. All it takes is a little work in the ‘here and now’ to keep you in a good shape for later.


Why seaweed? Because of the fact that the beginning of all life started at the oceans (water), our common origin, and by the fact that seawater has almost the same proportion of minerals as the human blood.






Seaweed too is rich in essential minerals, such as, iodine and iron, the important trace elements, which can make a difference in Human health. These trace elements include zinc, boron, chromium, selenium and tin, to name a few. Moreover, seaweed contains a high level of vitamins, particularly vitamin B12, a vital nutritional element usually found only in meat. Therefore it is recommended as a substitute for meat products in vegetarian diets.






Optimum nutrition is the medicine of the future.


**The optimum nutritional micro-environment of every cell in the body is vital  to achieve or restore optimal health; deficiencies in this environment cause the body to be more susceptible to diseases and degeneration.

**To make access to seaweed and the use of it easy, we will dry and mill the   seaweed for you. After that you can use it like you use a herb or spice. Just sprinkle it on vegetables, meat or fish while preparing it.

**Alternatively, use it to enhance the quality of salads, soups, milkshakes, corn flakes etc. or use it for savoury dishes. It will give your cooking a special natural flavour and many health benefits.

**You do not need large quantities because we assume that you will add it only to compensate for possible food deficiencies; trace elements and organic minerals and vitamins.

(Recommended amount between one and two gram pro person/day).



                                                                    Ingredients seaweed herb mixture: 

     Sea salt, 50% kelp, 25% dulse, 15% nori  and 6% of   

     green rockweed.

Price EURO2,75/ container, excluding postal charges.                                

Weight 45 gram. Order no. 10100



Seaweed herbal set.

Different kinds of  seaweed, differ greatly in taste and flavour. Taste can vary from tangy, suggestive of iodine or the seashore to an almost nutty flavour with textures ranging from firm to succulent.

Our herbal set contains the four most important types of algues/seaweeds.





 Green rockweed, Kelp, Nori and Dulse

When you are the lucky one and you have the time to experiment and you like cooking, this herbal set is the answer. Preparing a good meal is a time and knowledge consuming business.

Why is this?

Because, the optimum nutrition is not just about preventing or reversing disease states, it is more than that, it is about living optimally. The kind of food you eat, the physical, mental and emotional stress you experience, the environment in which you live and work, your inherited genetics, the amount of exercise you have, and many other factors play a role... Whether you are young or old!

If you have a desk job, or work as a labourer, surf the net or be active in sport etc., you need time to prepare and cook a good dinner… not only tasty, but above all healthy. Most people do not realise the importance and love involved here. The importance, your well-being and not only now, but also in your future.

Most people(woman) will work nowadays and , they do not have a lot of the time to think about preparing a meal; no time to look for the best available vegetables on the market. Read a book about it and experiment. Tired after a day at work, a job waiting at home including preparing the dinner is really too much. For this reason they will end up with a pre-prepared meal or even a fast meal!

For this reason we offer you our seaweed herbal mixture; different seaweed herbs in one package. No need to think about. Just add a little of it to your meal... ready!

For a description of the different properties of different seaweed herbs: read the other pages.


Price seaweed herbal set:  EURO 10,00/set         excluding postal charges. Postal charge within Europe 4.00 euro

      Weight: 200 grams.

Order no. 10200.


Individual properties of:

Kelp, dulse, nori, green rockweed, sea lettuce and Irish moss.


General information/properties:

Most seaweed's contain some B vitamins and beta carotene, the plant form of Vitamin  A, but the amount varies according to the type of seaweed and how it is served.

Beta-carotene is an anti-oxidant and may help to prevent degenerative diseases such as cancer. Unusual for a plant: ---- some seaweed contains vitamin B12!

The Japanese have been harvesting vegetables from the ocean for centuries. They eat seaweed in sufficiently large amounts to benefit from its concentrated mineral content. It is estimated that up to 10 % of their food is derived from the sea. The incidence of cancers and obesity is low. Statistically the lowest in the developed world.

All seaweed herbs and spices are Organically-grown, natural, unprocessed food. We will dry and mill it for easy use.




Most known type of seaweed; Being used for centuries as a herb and its properties well documented. Not only as a herb but also as medicine.

Kelp also contains minerals like copper and iron for healthy blood, magnesium for the proper functioning of muscles and nerves, calcium for healthy bones, potassium for the maintenance of the body's cells and balance of fluids and zinc

for the body's immune system.







Kelp helps to strengthen the liver, lungs and thyroid, assisting to prevent the build-up of cellulite; helps clear pollution from the body and is a natural pain reliever.

If you want help with weight loss, respiratory ailments and even senility, to get stronger bones, teeth, nails and hair, then consider using kelp (seaweed).


Those allergic to iodine should avoid kelp and kelp products.


Price: EURO 1.75/container      excluding postal charges.

Weight: 45 grams.


Order no 10300.






Dulse is more a food than most of the other seaweeds, used for this purpose for centuries. Virtually fat-free, low in calorie and a rich source of minerals.




Long used as emergency food in sailing boats to prevent beriberi. Because of its high salt content it makes you thirsty. Offered in the Irish pubs until the end of World-War 2. It is then replaced by salted peanuts.










Price:  EURO 2,76 /container

        excluding postal charges

        Weight: 45 grams.


Order no 10400.









Wild Nori:   







Unlike all the other sea vegetables that are collected wild, the Japanese version is a cultivated one.


For a long time the Gaelic people have been making flat breads from a mixture of flour and nori, a simple way to keep the bread fresh longer. A  few restaurants are still serving laver-bread.

Its most prominent use is the wrapping for sushi and led to its cultivation in Japan. It can be cut into strips, lightly toasted and used as a garnish as well. Rich in vitamin A and proteins.







Price: EURO 3,20/container      excluding postal charges.


Weight: 45 grams.


Order no 10500.





Green Rockweed:   

Green rockweed grows in the shallow waters at the edge of the ocean. In the world of the herbs you could compare it with pepper or sambal. A very strong taste due to a high content of alginic acid. Do not use it therefore in large quantities.

Green Rockweed gives a fresh taste to many dishes. Its cousin, Brown Rockweed, and one of the more slow growing seaweeds. Most seaweeds are fast growers and are sometimes called the lungs of the world. That is not the case with Rockweed. Furthermore  it is an important habitat for small fish and other creatures living at the edge of land and sea. Still abundant, but it might need watching its development in the future!





Price:      EURO 3,20 /container          excluding postal charges.

Weight: 45 grams.

Order no 10600.


Rockweed (brown)

Price:   Euro 1.75 /container   excluding postal charges.


Sea lettuce or Ulva Lactuca:

This lovely green vegetable keeps impressing us, only one or two cell layers thick.

You can look through it. Mostly it is fresh eaten or after preserving it in salt.

We do dry and mill it but it takes a lot of effort to produce any large quantities. It contains a lot of salt after drying! It will bleach easily in the sun turning it useless.

Best served locally or shipped by plane. (Costly)


Price: EURO 4.90 /container     excluding postal charges.

Weight: 45 grams.

Order no 10700.




Irish moss:

Demulcent, emollient, nutritive. It was being used as medicine to cure cold. The elderly people discovered it’s jellying properties: Carrageen was born.






As a popular remedy turned into a jelly for pulmonary complaints and kidney and bladder affections. Normally combined with cocoa. The decoction was made by steeping 1/2 OZ. of the Moss in cold water for 15 minutes and then boiling it in 3 pints of milk or water for about 10 or 15 minutes. After straining and seasoning with liquorice, lemon or cinnamon and sweetened to taste.

Irish moss varies in appearance and more than thousand different shapes are known.


Like dulse it is left on a net on the beach after harvesting. They would leave it there for a considerable time and let the sun bleach it. Dulse however is harvested as soon as possible and kept free of the rain. The old Irish people would take it into a shed or even their own home for this purpose.

(degrades much faster than Irish moss).



Price: EURO 2,80/container      excluding postal charges.


Weight:45 grams.


Order no 10800.






A refill contains 90 gram of milled seaweed.

(enough for two refills)

The cost of transport are considerably lower, due to the fact that it can be send by post within an envelop. When we do use a container we have to forward it as a parcel.








Pricelist   >  Kelp:                     EURO 3,30       excluding postal charges.         Order no 10302

                >  Dulse:                     EURO 4,80       excluding postal charges .        Order no 10402

       >  Rockweed:            EURO 4,20       excluding postal charges.         Order no  10602

           Rockweed brown: Euro 3.20       excluding postal charges         Order no  10603

                >  Moss Irish:            EURO 5,00       excluding postal charges.         Order no  10802

                >  Nori:             EURO 6.,00      excluding postal charges .        Order no  10502

                > Seaweed mixture EURO 4.50     excluding postal charges.         Order no   10102

                   Ulva (sea lettuce) Euro  8.00      excluding postal charges          Orderno    10702

               (Postal charges within Europe: EURO 0,90 refill




Salt replacement and seasoning.


As a salt producing source, it is used by humanity since his earliest existence. The recorded history goes as far back as 1.000 BC in China.

Some cultures consume seaweed fresh, others would first dry it to preserve, or use it for seasoning.



Seaweed as herbal salt is a deliciously natural product; grown organically without the use of pesticides or chemicals. The potassium content, organic minerals and trace elements are considerably higher than in any other salt on the market. It is similar to our herbs and spices. We do grind it however much smaller to make it more effective while using it.

When seaweed contacts water, it will increase in size up to five times its original volume. We only use fine milled seaweeds for use as a salt replacement By making it smaller, its active surface will increase substantially. However, its density will increase also. A container will hold only 50 gram.

The  seaweeds we recommend are the Seaweed mix-s, kelp-s and green rockweed-s for this purpose. Dulse could also be used, because it is very salty.


Seaweed Seasoning:

Again one of the first things man discovered in the past was the effect seaweed did have on the fermenting/seasoning of food. Fermentation is making use of yeast and bacteria to make food more digestible and more nutritious. Even more important, it helps to preserve food. (Storage possible)

For example: cheese, sauerkraut, yoghurt, tempeh, etc.

Beverages such as: wine, beer, cider, ale, vinegar, kombucha.


In similar ways it can improve your digestion. The conversion of fat and sugar etc. into usable parts. When food is not digested properly, it still can get into your bloodstream. Instead of recognizing these cells as food, your body might view them as toxins and the immune system will react. A similar reaction is possible when you will overload, meaning eating too much of the same food too often…. one of the problems of modern man! Most people do under-estimate the complexity of our digestion system.


--We do not eat enough fermented foods; many foods are just lacking of vital trace-elements and vitamins needed.

--We do eat too much of the same. The variation of different foods on offer it decreasing rapidly making it more difficult to vary.


Order no.  Seaweed mixture 10100s

                    Kelp                        10300s

                    Dulse                      10400s

                    Wild nori                10500s

                   Green Rockweed  10600s

                   Irish moss               10800s


Seaweed has a positive effect on the health of your digestive system.


There are many ways in which your digestion system might get compromised. The use of medicines. Illness like allergies, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and auto-immune diseases. Food poisoning, yeast infections, etc.

Indications: you have a irritable bowel, nervous stomach or loose stools, you do feel bloated, have a full feeling in your stomach, especially after eating.

People will tend to avoid certain foods because they make them feel uncomfortable. Using a seaweed herbal salt might prevent these discomforts and helps getting you the full benefit of the food you consume…. simple and easy….don’t wait!

You do not need much of our Oceanic herbs to assist you…. more important…. use it regularly! Just replace a part of your table salt by it.

To avoid any misunderstanding we sell our herbal salts for nutritional purpose and not as medicine. If you feel ill you should go and see your doctor. We talking about prevention not healing. 


You can order by sending us, an e-mail with order no, Name and address to: info@seaweedireland.com         






Seaweed as food


Blijf jong, blijf gezond, voorkom ziekten


Stay young, stay healthy, prevent disease.


Seaweed as renewable resource


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