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Hiya! Thanks for calling to my web site again...or if it's your first time, welcome; I hope you will
find these pages both interesting and informative. I set up this site in February 2000 as a source of information for those who have an appreciation for the trenchcoated lady and would like a guide to what is available on TV and movie. By "trenchcoat" I refer to the classic Burberry-type raincoat. In the past I have found it a little infuriating to find a snipet of information on the web referring to such footage and gone to no little bother in tracking it down only to find it unworthy of the effort and although in my experience almost all of the details posted around the various related sites has proven to be correct (and the rainwear communities most genuine and helpful), my particular hopes have not been fulfilled. Therefore on this site you will find as much information as I can possibly give about the programmes and films in question including the all important video-captures which will help you to decide if they are worth hunting down or not!


Just a few notes about this site before you proceed.....

*Because of the fact that almost all pictures posted are taken from video tape, the quality will never
be as good as that of digital or scanned photos.

**In my experience of the internet, crude and aggressive language is not the most attractive of traits,so whatever your feelings towards these images & what they mean to you, please do as I do and DO NOT post or expect to read anything of a nature below common respectiblity....there are lots of other sites where that is eagerly welcomed.

***Interaction and the acquisition of new information is my main reason for setting up this site so
please give a little back if you can; no matter how small you think it to be. A short e-mail with brief
details is always most appreciated.

Now I've had my little say, let's move on.....
Hillary D



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