Aluminium is implicated in several health problems. Most people are aware of Alzheimer's. Others include brittle bones, numbness and possible paralysis of the lower limbs, chronic constipation, deep despair and central nervous system disorders. Evidence shows it has also caused hip fracture, predominantly a problem to the elderly, and found that most of the patients had used aluminium cooking pots since youth. Young animals have even died from having their food cooked in aluminium pans. Cattle which died in Clare next to the Aluminium plant showed high levels of Aluminium in their blood.

Living cell tissue is mainly composed of negatively-charged colloids (colloid glue-like substance). Aluminium is positively charged and positive ions are destructive to the balance of the biological colloid system. Aluminium can inhibit absorption of some minerals essential to human health. It is an ingredient of many everyday items; beverage cans, deoderants, baking powder, coffeemate and indigestion medicines to name but a few.

Aluminium can affect 'earth energies' and consequently the health of the Earth and all who live upon it or within it, including plants and trees. Aluminium absorbs and stores these natural earth energies and then will radiate them in sporadic bursts, this is unhealthy as these energies should flow unhindered.

Added to this, the whole process of producing Aluminium is very costly to the environment. It is a man-made metal (extracted from Bauxite), consuming massive amounts of energy to convert it into Aluminium.

It only requires 5% of the energy to produce liquid aluminium from remelted cans as from original ore.

Places for recycling Aluminium cans etc.;

Recoverable Resources Co-op Ltd, Unit 3, Hibernian Ind, Est, Greenhills Rd, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Tel. 01 4525969

Pat Kane Metals, Shiels Rd, Belfast. Tel.01 232 324191

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