Ireland is the only democracy in the world with compulsary nationwide fluoridation and which has a stated government policy of extending the national fluoridation programme.

Fluoride has a higher toxic rating than lead. It is over 250 times the allowable level of lead.

Fluoride used in water fluoridation is a toxic waste product - which means it contains other heavy metals. It is the most bone-seeking element known to mankind. The US Public Health Service has stated that fluoride makes the bones more brittle and dental enamel more porous. It is proven that a higher intake of flouride will actually cause MORE cavities.

Current total intake is now estimated to be between 5 and 7 mg/day in "optimally fluoridated areas". As little as 0.04 mg/kg of body weight per day has been proven to cause adverse health effects. Retention of 2mg a day will produce crippling skeletal fluorosis in one's lifetime. Healthy kidneys can eliminate only about 50% of daily fluoride intake. The rest gets stored in calcified tissues, like bones and teeth.

Current Fluoride intake is equally divided between drinking water (in fluoridated areas), food, beverages, and dental products. Children's ingestion of fluoride from juices and juice-flavoured beverages can be substantial and a crucial factor in developing fluorosis. Fluoride can be found in water, toothpaste, mouthwash, Dentist's treatment, fluoride pills, juice, soft drinks, canned food, commercial fruit and vegetables, Teflon and Tefal coated items (such as frying pans).

The source of the fluoride that most Southern Irish people drink in their tap water is waste gathered from the chimneys of the Dutch Fertiliser industry, according to Michael Noonan, ex-Health Minister.

Half a tube of toothpaste can kill a child! Since April 1997, all toothpaste in the US must carry a warning label.

Reports from India in 1998 of fluoride-poisoned water from untested wells drilled in the 80's caused severe arthritic damage to tens of millions of people.

Fluorides lower the intelligence capacity of humans, with children again, especially vulnerable. IQ levels were significantly lower than children not exposed to fluorides in all age groups listed. It's use originates from Nazi prison camps to keep prisoners subdued. It causes memory loss, reduced concentration, depression and confusion, lower birth rates and decreased levels of sperm and testosterone.

Fluoride is a TOXIC WASTE! Every day this fluoridated water is released into the environment through the use of showers, toilet flushes, .....

We have an amazing amount of springs around the country, springs freely offering clean unadulterated water. These springs should be located, tended, respected and used once again.

For more information contact:
Anti Fluoride Campaign, Joe Thornton Tel: 01 2881862, e-mail;
VOICE Fluoride Campaign, 14 Upper Pembroke St., Dublin 2. Tel: 01 6618123

Chan scéal rúin a chluinneas triúir.
A story that three people hear is no secret.

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