Kombucha is of oriental origin. It is ancient. It is a mushroom, with which you may make a healing drink. It is helpful for a number of things; preventing cancer and arthritis hardened arteries, nervous tension, gout, rheumatism, weariness, haemorrhoids and diabetes high cholestrol, parts of the eyes, fatigue, multiple sclerosis, damaged cartilage, stabilises metabolic rate, aids weight problems, reduces wrinkles, restores hair.
How to make:
You will need a bowl which holds 6 pints of liquid.
1. Take 5 pints of cold water and place in a plastic or glass bowl.
2. Make up 1 pint of black tea using 5/6 teabags
3. Add 1 cup of white sugar to the hot tea. When dissolved and tea brewed pour it into cold water in bowl.
4. Place the mushroom on top and cover bowl with a light teatowel or muslin and leave in a warm smoke free place (airing press or above fireplace).
5. Tea takes 7 to 10 days to brew and should end up like fizzy cider vinegar.

When not in use keep in a fridge.

For more information on kombucha, and how to obtain a mushroom, consult your local health food shop or herbalist, or contact the magazine...........

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