Tibet - The Land The World Forgot

Self-confidence, Courage, Determination and Optimism is, I think, essential in order to gain the day. If right from the start you tell yourself it isn't working, you give way to discouragement, if you adopt a pessimistic attitude, even if what you desire is easy to obtain, you will not have it, it won't work. For the human community and the individual alike, Hope is vital........... What matters is to do one's best.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Tibet is known as the 'Roof of the World', it is comparable to Paradise on Earth. Tibet was home to the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader to the Tibetans and many others. He presently lives in exile in India, and travels the world highlighting the situation in Tibet.

Few nations this century have suffered a more deliberate attempt at annihilation than Tibet.

Since the Chinese People's Liberation Army invaded the Himalayan theocracy in
1950, there has been a systematic attempt to erode Tibetan culture by removing or reducing religious freedom, preventing Tibetans from learning their language or practising their customs and by flooding the country with Han Chinese immigrants. These immigrants are offered state incentives and preferential treatment to set up businesses in Tibet; advantages for the indigenous population are refused.

Please use your voice by contacting the Irish Foreign Affairs Minister, David Andrews, 80 St. Stephens Green, Dublin 2. Tel: 01 4780822 and/or Mary Robinson, UN Secretary Human Rights, UN Buildings, Brussels, Belgium and strongly urge them to highlight the plight of the Tibetans.

For more information on Tibet contact:
Jampa Ling Tibetan Buddist Centre, Owendoon House, Bawnboy, Co Cavan, Ireland. Tel: 049 9523448. E mail:

Níor chuaidh fear an eidirsgan ás.
The Peace-maker never lost.

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