The Power of Dowsing

Two British climbers got lost in the German Alps. As it got dark and it started snowing heavily they could not make their way back. The rescue teams searched for hours but could not find them. As the snowstorms got heavier, the rescue team could not continue their search..... until an old mountaineer living at the bottom of the mountain offered his help. He used a dowsing rod and a map to find out where the climbers were. He precisely predicted the place and the height (1340m) where later the climbers were found. For days they had been hiding in a cave - to protect themselves from snowstorms. Without the old man and his dowsing rod the climbers might not have survived. This was announced in the German papers, radio and television. A new awareness for 'alternative' methods such as dowsing is becoming apparent today. As they are being recognised for what they are. Times are changing and with the rise in awareness or consciousness, the new age also known as the age of Aquarius is also rising.

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