Wa Guru Ke Fateh
All glory and honour to those who dispel darkness.

We offer our respectful obeisances to our Celtic spiritual masters who have opened our eyes to the darkness of ignorance by the torchlight of learning.

Bealtaine Moon

Some years ago in the small Longford town of Granard, a young teenage mother and stillborn child were found in the church grounds grotto. A lonely death for mother and child. The nation sheds crocodile tears. Politicians of every stripe reach into the ragged bag of their rhetorical tricks and run, powdered and prepared, to their media men to express their shallow sorrows.

Savagely seeking selection and sucking up the poison preference votes given them by the gullible gangs of 'party' men.
They scatter before truth. They have what they want while the people lack what they need to survive decently.The very Earth writhes in destruction for profit.

In moon-flooded Galway Bay, Mutton Island shines awaiting the roar of the destroyers diggers and smashers. Small fish fill rock crevices sheltered by weeping seaweed. Gulls stand stone-like in rest. The Heron heeds flashing fishy flesh and the lightning spear-beak pierces prey.

Bealtaine heralds the holy season of our blessed Earth renewal. The Mother of us all. In Earth and heaven showers brightness and warmth into the very earthcore itself which moves and heaves giving new birth all round.

Meanwhile, in Moon-blessed Granard grotto, Ann Lovett and her spiritchild linger, awaiting the day when all - All - are treasured and nourished. The time when night will be Earth childrens rest from toil. Not the terror darkness of those who die of shame and fear. Wisdom surely serves compassion. If it does not it is a sham.

Safe again in the bosom of the Earth Mother, Ann Lovett holds her own child secure from the madding crowds ignoble strife.


In no way do we intend to cause any distress to the family and friends of Ann. Just to shed some light on the issue, by heightening peoples awareness to the clouds of secrecy that shroud issues such as unwanted pregnancies. We hope it can stop, by people being open and truthful with each other.

Stress may be defined as either prevention of natural function, or forced function. Harmony may be defined as the integration of chosen and natural functions, and the supply of essential needs.

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